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      • I’ve sent to that site but had no response at all other times when I’ve run across info that is not being mentioned elsewhere. But anyway I’m intrigued with your site and appreciate your writings.


      • I have sent emails to Treehouse and other sites, and to be honest…I rarely get responses from people. I assume that is because they are busy. I have to tell you though…I know what you mean about the fox guarding the hen house with the 650 grand emails. I have a hunch you shouldn’t worry. Imagine you have a copy of damning piece of evidence. But there isn’t just one copy, but lets say…3 copies floating around out there. The first copy that surfaces is the one that the criminal WANTS to surface. It has been cherry picked and controlled. In the criminal’s mind, they think its all contained to manage their damage. Those with the other copies are patiently waiting for the criminals to make jack asses out of themselves while they “manage” their situation. Then BOOM! They catch even MORE criminals in their dragnet.


      • Thanks for your response. The story is gaining traction on CTH now. Peter Kadzik is the guy who will get Hillary exonerated . She skates AGAIN!


      • He is the one INTENDED to exonerate her. Remember: the bad guys have have their plans, but they aren’t guaranteed success. The have trained us to believe that they are entitled to victory, and we are deserving of defeat. I don’t believe that lie anymore.


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