This Week In The News: January 13th -14th

January 14, 2020

ANGRY FBI: DOJ Refuses to Charge Saudi Classmates of US NAVAL AIR BASE Killer Group Linked to Terrorism Child Pornography:

Iran Sent Messages Through Three Back Channels To US After Attack To Say They Were Done:

U.S. presidential campaign probes to require top officials’ approval, According to  Barr:

Trump Responds:

“You Can’t Make This Up!” – President Trump Blasts Corrupt FISA Court After Far Left anti-Trump Official David Kris Appointed to Oversee the Court’s Reform:

January 13, 2020



Iran populist movement RESTART warns the Ayatollah of violent “Plan B” revolution in 72 hours if their demands for freedom are not met.



So Much for Barr Doing the Right Thing

For First Time, A Colorado Judge Denies Confiscation Request Under Red Flag Law

Watch “Since 2018 FBI Hiding Traitor that Framed Flynn” on YouTube

Frank Giustra: 5 Interesting Facts

Frank Giustra: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aww…How sweet.

Hillary Clinton dropped in to Frogmore Cottage to visit Meghan, Harry and Archie.

WATCH: Assange Caught On Camera Leaving UK Court in Prison Van after US Extradition Hearing:

Policy: USMCA

The USMCA Will Place the Average American Into Feudalism

So sad…
Huge Wave Sweeps Family Into Ocean: Daughter Dead and Missing Son as Giant King Tides Produce Dozens of Feet High Waves in the Oregon and southwest Washington Coast:

Here Comes Wikigate 2: NYT Claims Russian Hackers Successfully “Breached” Burisma


The Elephant in the Auditorium — Big Pharma Profiteering on the Bodies of Children

US Government Weaponizes Propaganda (lies) Against American Citizens. And it Is Legal.

Part 1

How did this happen?

US Government Propaganda Use Against American Citizens Is Officially Legal Now

Part 2
Did it carry over into the Trump Administration?

Obama Quietly Signs The ‘Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act’ Into Law

Part 3
Thanks to the efforts of embedded CIA agent Mike Pompeo, the program is stronger (and well funded), than ever!

ROGUE? Trump’s State Dept Uses Taxpayer Dollars, Facebook Fact Checkers to Fight ‘Misinformation and Propaganda’

Facebook’s Top Fact Checker Tied To US State Department Disinformation Fighting Program

Facebook’s Top Fact Checker Tied to US State Department ‘Disinformation’ Fighting Program

It started during the Obama Regime. It’s a global training ARMY called TechCamp. They teach young SJW’s all over the world how to stop counter-government news (us), and they pay them with our money.

TechCamp Warsaw


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