Does DD R Stand for Dance Dance Revolution, or Something Else?

🚨 The Plan for taking Virginia’s Guns is a FLASHPOINT!🚨

Speculation is turning into reality: Are UN Troops Preparing on US Soil for Mass Gun Confiscation and Patriot Round-Up?

The gun confiscation issue is not the true purpose of the showdown in Virginia…Civil unrest IS.

They want the fight, and they are backing us into a corner.  But they have been  preparing for this battle since the Obama Administration, and they have a lot of help.

That is what this is really about.
We are focused on the guns.
We SHOULD be focused on the trap being set for us.


He changed the law, so that UN TROOPS could LAWFULLY come onto US soil to restore peace, should their be CIVIL UNREST!

Have you ever heard of the United Nation’s DDR programs? Simply put, DDR (DISARMAMENT ,DEMOBILIZATION, REINTEGRATION), is a militarized program, implemented by the UN, to disarm nations.

DDR Defined:

DDR’s have been implemented in other countries. This is what it looked like:

🚨 READ THIS!!👇🏼 🚨

👉🏼 They are planning it HERE in 2020. Want to work for the UN? They’re hiring RIGHT NOW! 👇🏼 (See Screenshots)



Link to application:

Does the UN have job openings like this in your city? Check here:

There is more evidence of imminent UN Occupation here: Make sure you watch the videos!

Putting a Final End to the Denial of UN Troops On American Soil: Includes photos/video UN vehicles stored outside of Virginia.

Here’s an old video I found. Back when they were delivering the vehicles back in 2016. Interestingly, it was in Virginia.


Where is the money coming from to pay for all of this?

I believe they have limitless money to pay for mercenaries. It isn’t coming from the Virginia taxpayer, and it isn’t coming from Trump. It is coming from the progressive Left.  They are funded by Soros, China, etc…
This plan has been in the works for a long time.
Virginia is only a flashpoint.


1. Military drills: Cascadia Rising, Jade Helm 1, Jade Helm 2

2. Have you noticed those barriers they’re putting up between lanes on Highways?  Have they been put there so people can’t turn around, in the event of a mass exodus out of the cities (where people will face check points)?

3. Why have there been massive, nonsensical recalls on food in the past 8 months?

4. Why do they keep telling us the economy is fantastic, when it isn’t? Are they giving us a false sense of security. Or worse? Are they putting out a coordinated effort to FAKE OUT POTUS, so he won’t know how bad it is? Pay attention to what the Feds are doing in the Repo Markets: What they are telling us, and what is actually happening doesn’t match up.

5. Why are we being bombarded with the distraction of a fake impeachment, only to have Pelosi hold it back? Because it keeps us BUSY! They’ve got nothing!

6. Why have the Democrats only put up fake candidates?
7. If you believe in the science of weather manipulation, consider what happened to American farming in 2019, and how that could play in to the next 12 months?

The trap being set is much bigger than Virginia.

How could Trump allow such a thing, Can’t he just stop it?

There are two possibilities: He is either in on it, or he doesn’t know about it. I believe there is strong evidence to support the second option:

Remember, Trump’s government is very compartmentalized.

Obama never abdicated. He installed a stay behind network in the Military, the White House, The Capitol, and the intelligence agencies. These people have been operating as if Trump isn’t the President, and things are “business as usual”. That is why Trump is having so much trouble.

There are good people interspersed within the government (there would have to be, or Trump would be long gone, and we would all be dead). OBVIOUSLY, there is a fight going on for control over the country.

Think of all the bad things that are still going on? The immigration, chemtrails, the horrible censorship. Trump can’t manage every detail of every little thing by himself. Especially if they make sure he doesn’t even know about it.

The enemy is running out of time. IMO, they can’t afford for Trump to win in 2020. In their minds, THEY have to get him out and get control
before then. This makes them desperate, and prone to craziness.

Think of what they have to lose if they don’t win?

Having said all of this, I am not saying I think they will succeed. I am just sharing what appears to be their game plan.

So what do I suggest we do?

  1. Be aware of what we are up against. Don’t underestimate their evil, or how far they would go, or how much they hate us.
  2. These people have had years to prepare. Those UN vehicles were delivered back in 2016. They’ve been planning this for awhile. They could have their footage and scenarios already planned out.
    You can’t put anything past these people. They will do anything.
  3. Standing down isn’t an option, but going in “guns a blazing” is playing right in to their trap. That is what they are EXPECTING us to do.
  4. And if we exercise self control (and don’t shoot), they will dress up one of their own to look like us, and make that first shot for us, and then blame us. The media will be there (at just the right moment). In fact, they could have already produced all of the “war” footage on a sound stage in front of a green screen. But it won’t matter, because it will be blasted all across the country that a right wing extremists/terrorists, opened fire on innocent PEACE officers. Don’t think for one moment they won’t shut down the internet, so we can’t “debunk” their crap. All of these “Internet Outages” have been nothing more than beta tests.
  5. Pay attention to electronic outages: A week ago, the Fed had an ACH outage, and many banks couldn’t direct deposit people’s paychecks.
  6. If you want to do something yourself, I suggest pray (if you are a believer), prepare, and please share this information. It needs to get to the President and key people.
  7. Don’t assume the Trump Administration has everything in control. This is our country. At some point we have to take responsibility for it. Don’t just share this information as a link. My links get blocked very quickly. LIFT the information out of this post. Make smaller posts. Make memes. Spread the info around. BE CREATIVE.









  1. Although I follow you on Gab, I’m always happy to see you post new articles. Very good read, and I am very curious about whats really going on with UN vehicles here on our soil. Being very pro 2A, this Virginia gun confiscation BS has my ears perked. Thanks Gem

    Liked by 1 person

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