Time to Attack Home Schooling

The Left really can’t stand the fact that there are people who don’t buy what they are selling. Perhaps in Trump Country, people are teaching their kids something other than Global Warming and how to not “misgender” and not be an “offender”?

They have discovered that somewhere (maybe in Arkansas?) exists a crazed group of radical fringed Walmart shoppers…Strange birds who would DARE to question the results of their well funded Ivy League think tanks.

But there can’t be too many of us right? I mean, how easy can it be to marginalize a few toothless bumpkins?


Speaking of radicals, the Left has a big problem with underestimating us. It wouldn’t be the first time.


This means we can’t give up. We can’t be afraid. But we do need to know what we are up against.

All they have to do, is CONVINCE the unsuspecting public that this scary group of inbreds are in league with THE RUSSIANS. That’s right. I’m not kidding. They went there:


It’s all fun and games, until it happens to you, right?bumpkins4 Now do you see what they are up to? They have nothing. All they can do is create a false narrative and accuse innocent people.

Maybe we should start to inspect their fruit a little more closely?

All joking aside, the Left is mounting a massive assault on the HSLDA, and the Home Schooling Community. They are bringing false accusations of child abuse, trying to tighten vaccination restrictions, and making harsher educational requirements. They do not want us to have any freedom to raise our children the way we want to.

Even if you choose not to Home School, please consider the importance of a parent’s freedom to have this choice.



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