John Bolton Needs to Go!

April 1, 2019
By LibertyVibe

On February 28th, I wrote an article detailing how John Bolton swooped in on President Trump’s peace summit with Kim Jong Un, and sabotaged it. They were all set to sign, and then at the last minute, things went south.

Here’s the link:

A little over a month has passed, and we now have confirmation:

I believe President Trump can still patch things up with Kim Jong Un. My greater concern is John Bolton’s influence as National Security Advisor. How much influence is he having behind our moves in Venezuela? Let’s think about this for a moment? Where are we heading with this conflict? War with Russia? Huh… Sound familiar?

Prior to that, the war drums were beating in Syria. What bear was constantly being poked in that one? Trump kept saying we were getting out. We STILL aren’t out.

Before Trump was elected, Hillary almost had us in a nuclear conflict. Do you remember which country she wanted to bomb?

What have we been hearing for two years… over, and over and over?

            Russia, Russia, RUSSIA!!!!

Clearly, Trump’s enemies have a big boner for Russia. It doesn’t matter if they are Neocons or Progressive Democrats.

They want a big bloody war with Russia.

I don’t know much about Putin, but I think he knows these people have it in for his country, and I’m pretty sure he is willing to fight back, if we let them take control.


From Liberty Vibe:

February 28, 2019

It was no accident, that the Democrats decided to have their show hearing during President Trump’s historic trip to Vietnam. It wasn’t because they didn’t want you to pay attention to the good things that were about to happen. It was because they didn’t want you to notice the bad things that were about to go down.

Good things were planned by the Trump team. Very good things. President Trump and Chairman Kim were going to make serious progress towards peace. The city of Vietnam was symbolically chosen, and they knew it. They were honored and they were ready.

Many people don’t realize, that there are some decent people in the White House press pool. Tru News attends these historic events.

I want you to listen to the first few minutes of their description of the first day in Hanoi.

Watch from 2:37 mark to 8:30 mark (6 minutes).

Pay attention to these points:

1. The mood of the city, was a celebration of peace. The symbolism was the dove. Vietnam was chosen, because it brought together three important countries that have warred in the past.

2. Look at the joy and triumph on the faces of the leader and the people.

3. They are expecting peace.

4. Listen to every word Edward says about John Bolton’s unexpected visit.

5. Edward says that John Bolton accompanies Trump to every diplomatic meeting. Ask yourself “Why?” “Is John Bolton Trump’s handler?”


NOW listen to this second news cast from the second day, after the deal fell through.

Slide the audio to 35:15. Listen for 5 minutes.

Edward says the next day things were going well. He shares a speech of Kim’s, where Kim talks about the up and coming agreement. Kim seems very optimistic. After that a lunch was scheduled, then a joint declaration signing and press conference.

Shortly after Kim’s speech, everything was cancelled. Trump came out and said they couldn’t come to an agreement. He said that Kim wanted the sanctions lifted, and he couldn’t agree with this.

Chairman Kim has a different version of how the events transpired:

Completely out of character, The Neocons praised this decision  by Trump to cut N. Korea summit off early.


My Opinion:

It is clear to me that President Trump had every intention of making this deal with Chairman Kim. If you listened to the first video, John Bolton was NOT supposed to be there. The White House wasn’t even expecting him. He came to shut it down. Trump couldn’t say, “My handlers won’t let me do this”. He had to make it look like it was Kim’s fault. He was in a bind.

If my assumptions are correct,

~Why does John Bolton have power over The President? I don’t believe it is a blackmail situation. I don’t believe it is over some “sin’. I believe it is a threat to harm: Either his family or us, the American People.

~I do not believe the President is in on their schemes. I believe he was trying to do good and Bolton stopped him.

~ Something happened around the time of the Bush Funeral and the President lost control.  It is almost like he is being held hostage. Many things happened around this time. Pelosi plane grounded, Roger Stone silenced, Trump caved on the government shutdown.

~Rather than get angry at him, maybe the guy needs some help, but how?

About the betrayal of Kim:

This is a very sad situation.

Watch the first five minutes of this video of Dennis Rodman’s interview about Trump’s first Kim Summit. It has great insight into Kim, and how he feels about people he can trust.

This time Dennis really thought it was going to happen. Everyone did. Right up to the last minute.



This section contains the series of articles put out by Conservative Treehouse on the Vietnam Summit. CTH did a great job compiling all of the data, including: Daily schedules, photos, videos, transcripts and analysis of the entire event.Why WW

Day 1

Vietnam Trade

President Trump Remarks During Working Lunch with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc…

Incredible Results – President Trump Trade Ceremony: $21 Billion Deal U.S-Vietnam Aeronautic Sector Agreement..

Second Half / Day One: Trump-Kim Summit, Hanoi Vietnam…

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Day 2

Day #2 Hanoi Summit – President Trump and Chairman Kim in Vietnam (Schedule and Livestream)…

Breakout: President Trump and Chairman Kim Day #2 Greeting…

Close to deal

Epic Bilat Moment During Hanoi Summit – Kim: “If I’m not willing to denuclearize I won’t be here right now”….


*UPDATE* Talks End With No Deal – Second Half / Day Two: Trump-Kim Summit, Hanoi Vietnam…

No Deal

No Deal – President Trump Holds a Press Conference Prior to Departing Hanoi, Vietnam…


Confirmation of John Bolton’s interference:



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