FINALLY! Some Concrete Evidence that HRC is in a WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE!

Remember the Panama Papers?

Released during the 2016 election, the Panama Papers were a huge catalog of crimes committed by HUNDREDS of people throughout the world. They exposed a global money laundering scheme of epic proportions. The news chose to not cover it because “Guess who?”  was at the center of the crimes.

Here is the Wikipedia page on the Panama Papers. I urge you to take a quick glance by scrolling through. You don’t even have to read the whole thing. If you scroll, you will see the size and scope of what I am talking about.

The Panama Papers are the key to locking Hillary up. In the last few days:

“US Charges Four for Tax Dodges in Panama Papers Probe”: At the center of these charges is: Monssack Fonseca. Fonseca is tied to the law firm that assisted Hillary and Podesta (who is also named), in hiding the offshore bank accounts.

Hillary’s role in the Panama Papers:

Fonseca’s Indictment:

On another note: 

Did you know, that 3 Russian intelligence agents met with Trump earlier this year? According to SVR, they met with Trump to give him evidence on HRC.

Hillary was pretty cranky at Bush41’s funeral. I wonder if she knows that Fonseca’s criminal charges, means that SHE IS NEXT?

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