In War, We Won’t Leave Our Brother Behind.

Every since we elected Donald Trump as our President, we have been at war. The Establishment SWAMP of DC could not believe that we would dare to challenge their authority. They still can’t believe it, and they are angry.

They have set up an elaborate, protective apparatus within the country’s intelligence agencies. The President, his supporters, and many in Congress have been battling this well established machine since he took office.

Listen to what Senator Chuck Schumer had to say about the intelligence agencies, and what would happen to anyone that crossed them:

Those of us who have been paying attention, know that we are in a war for our lives. We understand there will be casualties along the way. There will be a cost. Many of us have lost friends and family relationships. Some have lost jobs. Others have lost more.

Right now… we need to give our support to someone who has really put himself out there for us. His name is Jim Jordan, Congressman from Ohio. He has been a prominent figure in pressing the investigation against the FBI and the DOJ, and their misconduct against President Trump.

He has gone where many have feared to tread. Why the fear? Because these people have a reputation. Chuck Schumer mentioned it. The thing is…if no one holds these people accountable, we lose our country. It’s over. As some point, someone HAS to stand up to these people and say, “NO MORE”. Jim Jordan, and several others are doing this.

Last week, Jim Jordan had a very heated exchange with Rod Rosenstein, during a congressional hearing. The country watched in unbelief as it witnessed the arrogance and hubris of Mr. Rosenstein’s testimony.

Many of us cheered, as we saw Mr. Jordan stand up in battle. He made us all proud.

But there is always a cost.

One week later, Jim Jordan was accused of ignoring sexual abuse that allegedly occurred at Ohio State under his watchful eye as a wrestling coach, 20 YEARS AGO! Complete with the hashtag #HeKnew .

No, he is not being accused of sexual misconduct. Only ignoring it. The accusations are  coming out now, 20 years later. Jordan has no recollection of this happening.

But it is all over the news.

The news WON’T talk about the law firm that is driving the suit: Perkins Coie…but I will.

Perkins Coie has NOTORIOUS connections to the Clintons and the Obamas.

This connection is to Eric Schmidt and Google. This article shows how Perkins Coie and Google partnered to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

So you can see, there is a WHOLE lot of Clinton/ Deep State stink on this Jim Jordan smear job. ANY news outlet that is reporting on this sex abuse case, without giving the rest of the story is supporting the Deep State narrative.

Why does this matter? Because Jim Jordan is a fellow soldier, in this war. He is taking incoming for us. We shouldn’t even be listening to those lies about him. We should call and complain to the networks that are lying about him. This character assassination has got to stop!

In other news… though I’m SURE it isn’t related…

Jim Jordan’s nephew (who happens to be a world class wrestler) was killed in a tragic car accident last Thursday, when his car veered to the right, over corrected, then flipped.

If you do anything, would you consider praying for those that are out there fighting this battle for us? It can be lonely and the cost very high. Remember to not listen to lies spoken about brothers, especially when you know better. Instead, never leave a brother behind, and be willing to dodge some bullets yourself, to go in after them, and pull them out of the flames.




  1. I think Jim Jordan did what he supposed to do. Maybe others are supposed to step up. Maybe Rosenstein is supposed to step down. Jim Jordan will not be left behind. He may be needed in other higher callings.


    • I Just don’t want people believing the lies. I’m so tired of seeing good people’s reputations ruined by someone’s lies. There isn’t one perfect person on this planet. Everyone has done things they regret. But so many times, people will make up complete lies, or twist the truth, and project the info out in such a way as to destroy that individual. This is what is happening to Jim Jordan. I hope people can see through it.


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