Many of those Murdered in 911, Ended Up In a Land Fill Called “Fresh Kills”.

The title sounds a bit sensational, but it isn’t click bait.

I first heard about it, when a friend posted this notice on twitter:

fbi fresh kills

Upon reading this, my eyes zeroed in on the line “Fresh Kills” site. Immediately, I started to ask the obvious questions:

Does the FBI refer to the WTC as the Fresh Kills Site? Why is this guy dead now (2018)? How could they be so obvious about it?

I wanted to know more.


With some investigating, things started to become a little clearer…

The Fresh Kills Landfill  was opened 1948, on Staten Island. It served the surrounding areas for decades, until it’s closing in March 2001.

Then it was re-opened after September 11, 2001. The Fresh Kills Landfill was to be used as a sorting site for the rubble of the World Trade Center Debris.

In my opinion, this is where the story becomes interesting.

Regarding the death notice of the FBI agent, his story makes perfect sense. He was one of the agents that picked through the rubble at the site. As you read through the article below, you will see that this had become a hazardous undertaking. Many of the people involved in the “sorting” had later become ill from the toxins and debris they had ingested.

I find this article noteworthy on MANY levels. Those interested in 911, will find  that there are valuable little “side facts” tucked within. There are some statistics that we never heard before and some events that the news never reported on.

Also…the whole thing is so heartbreaking.

So why did I bother to post this article?

I  found the name of the landfill profoundly disturbing. I still find it suspiciously convenient that the landfill closed a few short months before it was needed to support the WTC debris. I understand it would be impossible to sort out the remains of incinerated human remains from this rubble, but the thought of those remains becoming paving material seems disrespectful and macabre.

Regarding the NYT article…While interesting, it left me with more questions, than answers.

This was an interesting submission from someone who wished to remain anonymous:


What do you think? I am interested if anyone reading this has any information to add.





  1. In all….Everyone did the best they could….I would not complain or dig up the dead in lieu of respect of their love ones. Responders know what can happen and are aware of the hazardous of their job. RIP


  2. The only thing that comes to mind is something I read a couple weeks ago. Blood makes cement stronger. But there wouldnt be any blood left in that dump. Would humain remains make cement stronger? I know the Cheney construction company cleaned up 911


  3. As much rubble there was at the site and considering the size of that rubble it is by no means surprising that there would be remains left there. I think it should be marked as a grave site. I have no idea if the site’s magnitude or anything about it so that may be impossible.

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    • If your read the details. There were remains. Some ash, some whole. It was virtually impossible to extricate the particles. The NYT article mentions that many whole limbs were found, but a worker said there were many more. The debate of the issue is how it was handled. There really is no debate though. What’s done is done.


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