How Did President Trump Make Peace With North Korea?

Cognitive Dissonance: The mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. 

Updated June 12, 2018.

President Donald Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un met in Singapore for a historic meeting.

The two men established an unexpected rapport. One that was witnessed by the entire world.


The meeting concluded with both men signing an agreement.

President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un Signing Ceremony – Video and Pictures…

Joint Press Conference transcript:

If you have only been following the mainstream media, this has got to be pretty confusing. How could this be happening?

If you think this is confusing, watch Chris Cuomo interview Dennis Rodman on CNN. What he has to say about Kim Jong Un, North Korea, Obama (and everything he has been through), will blow your mind:

How could Donald Trump resolve a conflict that no one else could, in 68 years? (Answer: No one wanted to fix it. They like war, because they were benefitting from it).

But I thought Donald Trump was stupid? (Answer: Maybe you should rethink your position on that point).

If Donald Trump “solved” this problem, how could he have done so, in such a short time? (Answer: He didn’t. He stopped over there last year on his Asian trip. Remember when he and Melania separated, and he left China early? Those paying close attention knew. He left clues.

Why does Kim look so happy? I thought he was a madman? (Answer: Kim Jong Un was being held hostage, just like everyone else in his country. That is why Dennis Rodman is so emotional. He knows the truth. He has compassion for those people. Barack Obama and the Deep State wanted to keep them captive. Donald Trump is setting the captives free.)

Who was threatening Dennis Rodman and his family? (Answer: The same people who were and have been holding N. Korea hostage for 68 years. The same people who didn’t want the truth to get out. The same people that DON’T want the Korean War to end).

What is the ideology of those people? (Answer: Communism).

Fast forward…Who sold nuclear capabilities to the North Koreans in the 80’s? (Answer: Bill and Hillary Clinton).

Now…it’s probably a good time to go here, and see what Barack Obama has been up to in North Korea.

North Korea was a central market place for terrorists to purchase nukes and other weapons:

Allow me to paint a hypothetical situation for you:

Let’s say you have a Deep State/ Shadow Government. You have been funneling  billions of tax dollars through black ops. projects for decades. You destabilized a foreign country by causing a fake conflict/war. Out of this conflict, you were able to set up a rogue state that is closed off to the world. A country that you can control through the CIA. Through various means you set up a slave society. It is there you can launder your billions, run your drugs, and guns. You can traffick humans and nukes. You can perform all sorts of disgusting experiments on the population. You can also hide things. You can set up a puppet dictator to threaten other countries, and start wars when you need them. Everything is top secret, and you think you will never get caught.

You even employ the world’s top tech master to set up surveillance on everything and everyone.

What is Eric Schmitt of Google doing in North Korea?

Eric Schmit

What could possibly go wrong with this plan?








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