Trump Remains Steadfast for “America First” Policy at G7 Summit.


Remember when he said, “America will no longer surrender to the false song of Globalism.”?

I think he meant it.

President Trump is teaching the people of America how to stand up to the bullies.

Bullies come in all forms. Sometimes they use physical intimidation. Sometimes they use guilt, confusion, lies, social pressure etc…

Regardless of the tactic, they have an end goal: They want what you have. They are jealous because they (for whatever reason) have less. Most of the time, they are just too lazy to get it for themselves, or society has bred them to be perpetually malcontent.

If you do not fall in to the “bully” category,¬†you most likely are content¬†living your life in peace. You are grateful for what you have. You want to work hard and want to take care of your family. You mind your own business. You aren’t a racist. You don’t wish harm on others, and you try to be generous when you can.

None of those things have been easy, since the malcontents and the crybabies have crept into our country.

That is why President Trump is such a breath of fresh air. He has reminded us that we don’t have to be afraid to stand up to the bullies. We just need to dig in our heels and say “No”. We can no longer¬†allow them to intimidate us with their fake guilt, and flip the bill for their fake entitlements.

We also need to respect our Constitution¬†and expect them to respect it. If we don’t hold ALL Americans to that rule of law,¬†we too are¬†guilty of disrespecting it.

The greatest power these bullies have over us is FEAR. Once we are no longer afraid of them, their power over us disappears.

Is it possible that we will get punched in the nose along the way? Sure. So what. Would that really be so bad? Think of the alternative to not standing up to them? Think of the punches the President and his family have taken for us?

More often than not…when you stand up to the bully, the bully walks away. Why? Because they’ve got nothin’.

God Bless President Trump! It is so nice to have a President that is willing to stand up to the bullies on our behalf.

That’s my editorial…

Here is the news:

First some photos. Loved this one:


They don’t stand a chance! Trump is an unmovable rock. I love the look on Shinzo Abe’s face. He knows. It is like he is thinking, “Good luck you guys”.

G7steadfastG7Late to the gender equality breakfastLook at those disapproving old crones. “How dare he be late for such an important event!” Lol!

This next photo is interesting. I saw it in one article, and had to point out that it had been manipulated. Keep in mind that Trump and Trudeau are the same height. Also, look at Trump’s left leg. Half of it is missing!


This was a pretty good summation of events, although slanted against Trump. It is pretty easy to read between the lines.


Original source link:

This was Candidate Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy speech from April 2016. This is where he made his epic statement that America would no longer surrender to “the false song of Globalism”. I remember listening to every word. I remember knowing he meant it, and also thinking that very few people were even listening to that speech. Most networks wouldn’t play his policy¬†speeches.

If you haven’t heard it, it is really worth listening to.

Sometimes I will make claims (here on this blog) that Trump is going to do this, or Trump is going to do that. People think I am crazy, or just making it up. I am not. I just listened to every speech from the beginning…and I believed him. He told us what he was going to do.











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