Connected? Suicides,Weinstein,NXIUM & 🍕

Decades ago, former Clinton operative, Larry Nichols coined the term “Arkancide”. For those who aren’t familiar with that term, it refers to someone who is involved with the Clintons, that dies of  a suicide, murder or premature death.

Are these two things related? I don’t know.

I am sharing this article with you by Neon Revolt, because it ties together some fascinating pieces of information. Please please PLEASE take the time to read it. It is SO GOOD!


Read more here:

After reading the article, you will notice that Kate Spade “killed herself” with a red scarf. There seems to be some significance/correlation with “red”.

See previous blog post on “Red Shoes”.


Here is another tweet posted by one of Asia Argento friends:



There was a reference in the article to the “Rescuers” mask that Spade’s husband is wearing. It reminded me of this video that James Munder had produced awhile back, depicting some of the same imagery. Any correlation? I don’t know.

In this video by James Munder, he highlights Bourdain’s connection to Barack Obama.

Keep in mind, we are at the “connecting dots” stage. None of this necessarily means anything. We are taking note of relationships, connections, and “following the money” (so to speak). Why? Because we are putting information out into the public is so that citizen investigators can take it and go deeper.

That is the beauty of a crowd source investigation. What one person sees, another might not. We all contribute what we can.

It is what THINKing people do.

They HATE it when we do that.






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