OIG Report Update and Oconus Lures.

For those that follow my blog, I apologize for the recent silence. Busy life etc…

I have been keeping a close ear to the things we hold dear, mostly listening to podcasts and following some of my favorite researchers. I would like to share some of the “Best of the best that I have been listening too:

Oconus Lures:

One of the best researchers out there, Nick Falco, found a key un-redacted text by @JusticeOIG, where Special Agent Peter Strzok “admits” running  lures to bait and hook HUMINT sources aimed at Donald Trump’s campaign. This is well before the coin case opened. This is significant, because it not only shows the flat out ADMISSION that these people were deliberately running an entrapment scheme against our President, but the FBI’s redaction, shows that they are trying to cover it up.

The “ThreadReader” below, explains it. The link to the original cache of documents is provided as well.  I placed the most pertinent information in the following meme, for sharing purposes.


Revealing ThreadReader explaining BOMBSHELL discovery:

Original Document of Strzok-Page Texts:

Inspector General’s Report: What is taking so long?

Potus tweetig

President Trump is casting aspersion on their integrity, and suggesting that they are taking the time to cover up their crimes.  Obviously, he is privy to what is going on, and he is calling them out.

Tracy Beanz did a video on this issue (about being patient for the IG report, and why it might take awhile). While I believe Trump is tweeting this because he knows that now IS the time to call them out, I believe Tracy Beanz’ video is worth listening too. The information that she pulls out of the McCabe rebuttal is very enlightening.

Extremely damning thread showing correlation between Loretta Lynch, The NY Field Office of the FBE, McCabe and the NYPD:

Where do we stand right NOW with the IG Report?

There is so much information out there right now. I have listened to so many podcasts and read so many blogs on the issue. In my opinion (if you are looking for a quick summation), this is the BEST one I could find!


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