Where’s Sloppy Steve?

Why does this guy ALWAYS get a free pass?

Before the campaign, he was hailed as Trump’s savior. I don’t know why. I supposed you could single out many who contributed to Donald Trump’s victory. The truth is, Donald J. Trump won because of Donald J. Trump.

Once in the White House, he seemed to quietly lurk in background. What did he do exactly?

Then he was fired.

There was much speculation as to why Steve Bannon was fired. His departure came after President Trump supposedly found out that Bannon had betrayed the President’s trust by contributing to author Michael Wolff’s salacious expose about the 2016 Presidential Campaign, in his book Fire and Fury .

President Trump expressed his anger towards Steve Bannon in several tweets:

sloppy steve1sloppysteve4

But was Steve Bannon “let go” for other reasons?

Steve Bannon and President Trump did not share the same political views on some key issues. It has been reported that Bannon ascribes his worldview to that which is put forth in the book The Fourth Turning, by Neil Howe and William Strauss:


Those familiar with The Fourth Turning, are aware of it’s fatalistic viewpoint of the future. The books points to the idea that America is destined to enter into a dark phase of war.  This is a sharp contrast to President Trump’s Make America Great Again mantra. In fact, Bannon’s viewpoint, would please ANY Neocon. Hmm…

It is my opinion that Steve Bannon arrogantly believed he could steer Donald Trump in the direction of his worldview. I also believe that there were people of influence (Mercer?) that wanted the same.

Like SO MANY…Steve Bannon miscalculated Donald Trump’s abilities.

Steve Bannon ran President Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.  It was during this campaign that Spygate was unleashed upon those in the Trump-o-sphere. We are starting to learn that Barack Obama weaponized the FBI, CIA and the DOJ against The Trump Campaign. It won’t be long before we find out that the Democrats had a lot of help from the Establishment Republicans.

Remember Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bill Kristol, Reince Preibus and the rest of the Never Trumpers? These self righteous Pharisees launched a vicious attack against Trump. Something I will never forgive or forget (by the way).

These people were all part of the DC swamp, and had much to lose if Trump won. So one does have to wonder if there were people on the inside of the Trump Campaign working for “the other side” early on.

We know that Paul Manafort had sketchy ties to Russia and The Ukraine, before he worked on the Trump campaign. He had also been a previous business partner with John Podesta. Yet…no one bothered to vet him. Who hired him?

We are just learning that SES member Stefan Halper was another mole, who was recruited by FBI agent Peter Strzok.  Halper is connected to Cambridge Analytica, which is a company that “changes election outcomes”. He also has banking ties to Iran Contra. Shouldn’t he have been vetted, before joining the Trump campaign? Who VETTED him Mr. Bannon?

Then there is Carter Page and  George Papadopoulos. More moles. Who hired these people?

Do I have any proof that Steve Bannon was working on the inside to set up Donald Trump, Trump found this out, and that is why he (Bannon) was ultimately fired? No.

But I do have some questions that I wish other people were asking.

I would like to conclude with an excerpt from a speech that President Trump gave on March 4th , at the Gridiron dinner. Interestingly, this was one of those speeches that wasn’t recorded. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Thankfully, Conservative Treehouse has the transcript. It is very entertaining. The speech is meant to be a roast, and of course, our President is hilarious. Notice the screenshot below, which is an excerpt from the speech.







  1. hehe, or just really incompetent and unprofessional. That is something the president has shown strong feelings about, seems to go back to at least his academy days. He drives that home in “The Art of The Deal”. Lets face it, Bannon in a tux still looks like a homeless bum who found a fancy set of clothes.

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  2. Serious leaks going on right up until Bannon got the boot. I’m not sure how much was done with POTUS’ blessing, or if the firing were just a ruse, but quite often Occam’s Microfine Twin Blade shaves it down to the simplest explanation; in this case that explanation is that Bannon was a tool with who made his own bed.


    • I would have thought that Bannon was on “team Trump” right up until the firing. But once he was gone…seeing the way Trump reacted to Bannon, and seeing the way Bannon groveled…I think Bannon was in some serious trouble. I have never seen Trump that pissed. He is such a patient man. TOO PATIENT! I am sure his anger had something to do with the “betrayal” factor. I think Sloppy Steve was a DEEP plant for the DEEP State NeoCons, and we were all fooled by him.


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