Senior Executive Services (SES) IS the D.C. SWAMP!


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Deep State – Shadow Government Revealed: Senior Executive Service


This is a short (6:00) video that sums up Kristine Marcy’s role in the SES.

According to a member of the SES who spoke to George Webb, SES receives their power and information from the Five Eyes Organization. No matter what President Trump does, there is nothing he can do to stop them.

If QAnon is to be believed, I wouldn’t be so sure of that…


It turns out that Q was RIGHT! On March 19, Field McConnell of Abel Danger announced some amazing news: His sister, Kristine Marcy, has agreed to turn herself in.

For those that haven’t been following Field, this is a tremendous victory. Field has been fighting to save America, by exposing his sister’s corruption for years.


The Five Eyes Organization has a unique relationship with New Zealand. One of it’s departments is headquartered there. Not only that, but it has become an important layover route  for the elites, as they make their pilgrimages to Antarctica.

Why…even today (March 20,2018), Barack Obama is headed to New Zealand. Happy Autumn Equinox Barry! Are you taking a puddle jumper to Antarctica?

For more information on SES, see note at the bottom of the page. Also, I highly recommend this video:


From time to time, I will receive comments that I didn’t go deep enough into a subject. Please understand that my specific purpose for this blog is to make complex subjects accessible to those who might be hearing about them for the first time. I know that once someone is interested, they will be able to investigate further. I also want to provide people with tools they can share with others.

Regarding the Senior Executive Service…I consider my article to be very simple, and hopefully palatable to new ears.

I have a friend who does similar work, and has put up an educational piece on the SES. I am sharing it here, because I think it takes the explanation to the next level. Perhaps having both options available to you, might be helpful when sharing information.

Sometimes people need simple. Sometimes they want  a little more:




  1. Donald Trump is President, but this makes it sound like 0bama is still Xident. HELP?

    0bama is in NZ golfing, and NZ thinks that basturd is popular in USA. Seems to me he is hated around the world…. so much that Russia and China are willing to partner with USA to get rid of SES tentacles! Am I close?

    If the USA doesnt turn to the LORD and His laws, morals, the Holy Bible, we will NOT keep the country President Donald Trump is returning to us. Fellow heros with the Donald are Adm Rogers and Rep Devin Nunes and a few other Patriots in our govt. How do you imprison 85% of govt – ALL Democrats in Congress?


    • Obama did everything he could to make sure he would stay in power. Trump is taking it back. This explains why it has taken so long, and perhaps why many owe Trump an apology. He has played this perfectly!


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