Hollywood, SRA & MK Ultra

As of late, many are having their minds opened to the secret CIA mind control program known as MK Ultra. Unclassified documents have made us aware of ongoing experiments that have been used on the unknowing public for decades.

Most of what has been presented to us has been represented in the form of medical experimentation, involving the use of drugs, various frequency  and other deprivation therapies.

What is NOT being covered, is the widespread use of Satanic Ritual Abuse, for mind control purposes. I fear that the medical version of MK Ultra is being thrust forward in order to mask an even darker secret.

I would like to briefly explain what happens to a victim’s mind when they undergo this sort of abuse:

The goal is to torture/abuse the victim to the point where the only way they can cope or exist is for them to separate themselves internally from what is happening to them.  In their minds, they “check” out or disassociate from what is happening to their bodies. This is where a psychic-splitting occurs.

Many times, people that have been abused will have Multiple Personality Disorder. This often occurs when the victim has gone through this “separation” process. Once they are in this state, they are highly suggestible to programming. Many are programmed to be sex operatives, thieves  and other things.

This sort of thing is very common in Hollywood.

I have never listened to anything so poignant as this interview by Jon Robberson. In about 15 minutes, he explains the entire history of Hollywood, why it was created, who created it, and how Satanic Ritual Abuse is used on so many of the child stars. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to it. Jon’s Hollywood story starts at the 27:30 mark of this interview.


Medical MK Ultra:

MK Ultra Experiments in Montreal:


40 Years of the Fifth Estate:


Trudeau puts a gag order on MKUltra victims:


Canada will pay 50’s Test Victims:


MK Ultra Violence:


For more information on the medical side of Mk Ultra, and Q’s posts: https://wp.me/p7kZHT-1vg

Other possibilities-

We need to keep our eyes open and be vigilant. There are a few things on the horizon that we should keep our eyes on:

Google’s Deep Dream Project:


Watch out for 5G!

Weaponized Cell Towers and Cellphones: 21st Century’s Silent, Invisible Killer by Design

Morgellons Disease/Environmental Warfare:




    • For many, this video will introduce the idea of a government funded program, where they are purposely dropping nano particals on the population. Who knows what those possibilities might be?


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