QAnon and The Origins of MK Ultra: Where to Begin?

In late 2005, I was researching the mind control techniques that had been developed by the Nazis during WW2. What I had discovered was disturbing….to say the least.
My purpose for writing this is not to provide extensive research on the history of the MK Ultra program…but rather to give some breadcrumbs that might assist you in your own research.
Let me start with a general overview of what I had discovered many years ago:
Operation Paperclip-
Without going in to too much detail, Operation Paperclip was a program in which the US Government permitted many WW2 Nazi scientists to escape punishment, and flee to America. They and their technology were brought into this country in order to further their research. Keep in mind, that these men were in possession of some highly valuable information. Hitler’s lack of regard for human beings, allowed these doctors and scientists to perform unimaginable experiments on Germany’s political prisoners. By doing this, they had gained great knowledge.
It is also important to note that Hitler and his SS were deeply involved in the occult, and also fascinated with the mind sciences and deep space exploration.
The Fuhrer was particularly driven in his quest to create the “Superman”, through the process of Eugenics.
Eugenics: The pursuit of perfecting the human genome by means of

genetic manipulation, and thinning the herd.


Hitler and his scientists pursued two primary avenues:
   Genetic Manipulation- Which contained the sub-category of mind control.
   Space Exploration – (or more accurately), *Other Dimensional Exploration.
          *It is this second avenue where Antarctica enters into the story.
It is important to note that President Roosevelt and his wife shared Adolf Hitler’s affinity for the occult.
Post WW2, Roosevelt and Stalin divided Europe. It is my opinion that they also divided up the spoils of the Nazi ill-gained technology.
Below are two of the best (and well sourced) books I have ever read on the subject of America’s MK Ultra history.These books go deep. They cover the experiments of Canadian Doctor Cameron. They explain the process that he had adapted for mind controlling his patients.
These books contain plenty of photographs and source documents. In them, all of the puzzle pieces come together.
Please feel free to give any sincere feedback or information in the comments that might add to this blog, or assist others in their research.
Here are the links to order them on Amazon or get them on Kindle (Sorry, I know Bezos, my bad):


Not interested in books? Listen to Peter Lavenda on The Hagmann and Hagmann Show:
Peter Lavenda Interview on the Secret Space Program:

Below are screenshots of QAnon’s posts relating to MK Ultra, from February 15, 2018.


This is the original, unclassified MKUltra document.

QAnon MK Ultra posts:


Was Parkland Florida Shooter, and MK Ultra controlled target?



  1. The Rino’s who either say they aren’t running again Like Orin Hatch, or retired in the last election cycle. Have been around since I started voting in the mid-seventies, and yet they let the Stasis CIA destroy America just to get rich!

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  2. When you mentioned Antarctica it reminded me of the picture in the WikiLeaks Podesta pictures of Antarctica. They have the word “arc” in the middle of the name (for some other discussion in the future). When the “Paperclip Stasis” came to America, it was the beginning of the elites plans to ruin our lives. I feel sorry for the innocents trapped in the horrific hold of the Stasis’ mind control programs. That is why I am so glad for home schooling parents like you! It gives me hope for the future, because they don’t have all the children. I will look at the links you have, and with the new research I am doing on Yuval Noah Harari’s thoughts about Homus Deus, etc which seems to be another mind control programmer.


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