Fake News Awards: False Flags and Hoaxes

For many, the following information will not be new. But for others it will be shocking.

I have posted this information before, but sometimes I think some pills are just too hard to swallow. For some, a foundation has to be laid.

I believe that many have come to realize that much of what our mainstream media tells us is based on lies. Sometimes, very big ones.

There’s a saying: “If you tell a lie big enough, people will believe it”.

I have chosen the following examples, because they are the simplest, and easiest to prove:

Sandy Hook Hoax:
Did you know that the same crisis actor that played Heather Hayer’s mother (Susan Bro, mother of Charlottesville victim who allegedly died in race riot in 2017), was the same crisis actor who played a close family member in the Sandy Hook Hoax?
Is Charlottesville Mom and Sandy Hook Mom the same crisis actor? Let’s take a look:
crisis mom3

Compare (There are only two videos to compare. I have placed two copies of each video from two separate platforms. YouTube keeps deleting these videos).

*Charlottesville 2017:
*Sandy Hook 2012:
Notice the young woman sitting next to “Mrs. Soto” on her right, in the Sandy Hook (family) video. Her name is Vicki Soto. She has been used in many crisis scenarios. I believe this montage illustrates this fact.
crisis actors
Did you know that on Christmas day in 2009, almost all of the mortgages in Newton, Ct. (Sandy Hook) were paid off?
See county recorded documents here: http://wp.me/s7kZHT-saves
Did you know that the FBI visited Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook shooter), years before the shooting took place, and offered him a job? I know…he was a boy. BUT he was highly intelligent, and the release of the Sandy Hook documents prove this to be true. The question is: Why?
FBI releases Sandy Hook Docs, per FOIA request. They show FBI visited shooter 2 years before shooting.
How many times are we going to fall for this?
Let’s talk about the Charlottesville False Flag:
Thanks to the events which occurred in Charlottesville, our country was almost plunged into a race war. On August 12th, it was reported that Heather Hayer was killed in Charlottesville during a rumble between Antifa, White Supremecists, and Patriots.
Of course there are many other events that I could put into this “Fake News” category:  911, Las Vegas, ect…. For now though, I will leave you to consider these examples.
*Just to be clear, I am not saying that no one died during 911 or in Las Vegas. I am just pointing out that the powers that want to control us will go to great lengths to deceive us.
Remember…it is ok to “rethink’ things that we once thought were true. If we as a society continue to believe the lies, where will that lead us?

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