Headline News 1/12/18

I don’t usually do this, but today I feel that I must.

Considering the fact that Shitholegate is literally sucking up every bit of oxygen… and President Trump has DENIED saying the term “shithole” when referring to countries that we import immigrants from: There are in fact, other things going on in the world.

*Trump denies using “shithole” term. Since when do we believe Democrats? Remember…Joseph Goebbels said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it is the truth”.


*Friday night Document Dump: Did you know that the DOJ just turned over 1.2 million requested documents?


*In closely related news, Devin Nunes reports ample evidence of FISA abuse by the Obama Administration:


*PeePeeGate Update:

The Democrats Have a “Dossier” Problem, and It Will Not Go Away…

*As was the plan all along…Trump rejects “Ridiculous DACA Deal”. Those who have been paying attention for awhile knew not to worry. Why? Because POTUS said there would be no deal without a wall, and because the Democrats would never go for such a thing. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Those who thought he was betraying his base STILL have not learned the art of the deal.

President Trump Rejects Ridiculous UniParty DACA Deal…

*We have our first Uranium One unsealed document today:


*Scandalous Twitter expose is the true reason for #shitholegate fake news story. The subject had to be changed!


*Did you know that POTUS has been quietly conducting the world’s most extensive and expensive audit of The Pentagon, and the #$hit is about to hit the fan?


*Among other things, they found…


*Some are saying that Isis members are receiving help to escape, by those not loyal to President Trump. Claims: US Military Assets being used.


*North and South Korea meet to discuss Olympics:


*Trump announces he will attend Davos:


Julian Assange becomes and Ecuadorian Citizen. He is Free!






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