Q Update: December 9th.


Important to read this twitter thread. Pope Just had the audacity to change the Lord’s prayer… which is a joke, because he doesn’t have the authority to do so.


You will see below, that there is a second set of q posts in this pic. below. I am attaching a tweet to take you there, because the screenshot comes out too small. I can’t find it anywhere else yet.



  1. Here is a crazy thought! What if the women accusing Trump during campaign was a way to open the door for women across the spectrum in US to start coming forward? In which case the ruse was successful… But …they were unsuccessful against Trump so would that not be a discouragement? Not sure what the answer could be. I think Trump and all the white hats had tons of intel on who was diddling and paying for silence. Use women accusing Trump to say to America, see it is OK to accuse anyone now. That is a big gamble. The women again coming forward today..??? is it all part of plan or unforeseen problem for Trump?


    • I feel like an idiot, I’m sure this info has been said about 10000 times or more somewhere but I only know about this particular spreadsheet. I just find this absolutely fascinating. I have been working overseas and had access to and seen and heard so much intel, I am just shocked at how really blind and uninformed I really was. I see too many things from Q that reinforce this truth. I want to know more and participate I guess in discovering how close we are to the abyss and how are we going to save ourselves or be saved. I want to be part of the cure or save I guess and see that those that brought us to the brink pay the price they deserve.


      • You aren’t an idiot. The Q posts have only been out for a month and a half. We are all trying to figure it out. There is no central organization. That smart sheet is wonderful, but it is not up to date. Q is posting so fast, no one can keep up. Since no central hub, everyone working from different maps, that is why I asked you. If you ever want to talk about a specific q question, ask me about the DATE of the q post. I will be able to find it. NOW…the last few days of Q posts have been really hard to dig up, and when I find them, they have been hard to read. I just found a fantastic link to a PDF file that has every q post, and a lot of explanation. The date goes all the way up to DEC 9th! I don’t think the answers are as good as the smart sheet though. The only problem is that it is a big PDF. People don’t like to download these, because they are afraid. I don’t blame them. I did it, and it was perfectly safe. TOTALLY WORTH it!! I can’t post that sort of link here. I am getting ready to put up a new LibertyVibe post. I will put it in there.


    • Or mockingbirds learn the new song, false leads re: the media that they blindly repeat as we saw this weekend. That is the false leads, misdirection. Keep everyone on eggshells now because they won’t know what is really really true and what is the false set up. You are always on top when you control the narrative. Trump is controlling the narrative.


  2. Line 29-Q questions why Soros would place funds in RC? Trumps speech in Fla he stressed the Johnson Act and stated read up on it- it was important. Who is really pushing the repeal and why? Who are they trying to nab. using charities as a front once the act is repealed.


  3. Have you been following the news of huge caches of Fentanyl being found THROUGHOUT the US? Enough found to kill every man, woman and child in the state of Ohio. Also State house in Cleveland raided after closing by FBI and other agencies?


  4. On LINE 2060, Q SAYS “CRASHES” plural not singular. Are they saying two crashes one on the 7th and one on the 10th or two crashes on 7/10? And what year?


  5. 4. Justice – for Seth Rich ?

    1. Lords Prayer
    Luke 11:4 several translations
    Lead us not into temptation

    We are strenghtened when we RESIST temptations.
    Christ was tempted – He resisted by quoting scripture.

    That arrogant pig is a stain on Earth


    • The Pope is Fake News. He has no authority. Mickey Mouse could say he is changing the Bible, but that wouldn’t change the Bible. “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but MY WORD shall never pass away.”


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