What Really Happened During the Nov.18th FBI Raid at Langley?

You may remember the news report on November 18th (appearing on YouTube), regarding a 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit raid on the FBI, in Langley, VA.


This was stunning news, but at the time, unverified. We didn’t know what kind of raid it was. We weren’t hearing about it anywhere else. There weren’t any reported shootings or arrests.

Many shrugged the event off as “Fake News”.

Within days, I started to notice a few changes in the headlines:

The first thing I noticed, was a marked change in the President’s countenance. He seemed to have a new confidence and joy. This was very noticeable in this speech. He was his “old-self” again. It is not necessary to watch this speech, but I put it here in case you are interested.

The next thing I noticed was that President Trump was boldly bombing drug factories in Afghanistan. I wondered where he was getting this intel. Why now? This is very serious. The CIA is probably the single largest drug dealer in the world. If Trump takes out their source of funds, he would seriously cripple them.


Then I read about the arrest warrant issued for former CIA Middle East Chief Graham Fuller. This is significant, because among other things, he was “in charge” during the coup attempt in Turkey, in July of 2016. I wondered: “How would Erdogan all of the sudden have the proof he needed to file an official arrest warrant for Fuller?”


Many other things started to pop up, like documents on twitter, that were being leaked. Documents that exposed the CIA’s mishandling the Clinton probe, and the Russian Investigation. Some things that were dated a long time ago,(and would have been very helpful to the President) but are just surfacing now.IMG_6999

At this point, I began to realize what the Langley raid was all about:


Those paying attention have heard Tom Fitton’s frustration with his FOIA requests being ignored. It turns out that the President’s requests for documents have been ignored as well.

The Deep State intelligence agencies have simply been ignoring orders. Finally, POTUS used the Marines to go in and take what they need.

I would have loved to see the look on their faces. Wouldn’t you?

Q Clearance has also made a reference to Langley:



What now?

It is obvious that the CIA and the FBI need to be dismantled. But we can’t exactly do without intelligence agencies. I believe the following article signals the building of a transition apparatus, that will be led by Mike Pompeo, and Erik Prince, while the old guard is dismantled.


The word “privatizing” is used to scare us. First of all, the FBI, and the CIA have been “privatized”, co-opted, and “rogue” since WWII. They have been run by a wicked cabal that do not have American interests in mind, and have been draining our funds to do so.

Whatever the interim phase looks like, it needs to have oversight, and LOTS of it. I would rather have people that love our country handle this than people that don’t. What other alternative to we have?








  1. A footballer was assassinated in Afg because he was going to tell America our troops are / were at war for the CIA drug trade. Someone out there will remember his name – sorry.

    Military Intel can do the job of both CIA and FIB. There are good guys in both but both still need to be closed. JFK’d be so pleased. CIA killed him.


  2. I worked in Afghan at Kandahar Air Base. I saw plane after plane week after week, year after year loaded with the number one cash crop of the world… opium and the products of it.


  3. Marines land at Langley CIA HQ
    Nov 21 report said this prevented a coup against President Trump.
    200 JSOC Marines, not 2500, landed in Langley and
    seized hard drives and documents and left
    whatever they seized will bring Deep State down.

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