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  1. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my weblog so i came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!


    • Hello, I noticed a kind comment that you left on my page. I want you to know that I wasn’t ignoring you. I have just discovered that after 2 1/2 years, WordPress has been hiding all of my positive comments in a spam file. I didn’t even know I had a spam file. I feel terrible about not replying to all those nice people.
      Have a nice day!


  2. Maybe children are the keystone?


    The information about who rapes children will give you the controlled/corrupt players.


    It is the info on the Lucifarian Pedo’s that gives the Zionists the power or stone to enforce their will.

    The info is used for blackmail, nationally and internationally.

    The MKULTRA mind control program has been implemented internationally by the CIA and Jewish /Nazi psychiatrists/psychologists/

    How it works?

    They start raping, torturing, murdering children before they are 5.

    This causes the child to developed multiple personalities.
    The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and other Disney stories are used to develop band control the various personalities of the child.

    The ultimate goal is Manchurian candidates, sex, slaves, delta soldiers assassins, celebrity’s, politicians, police officers, military and intelligence assets.

    The MKULTRA victim cannot remember what it does in different personalities.
    So a caring mum or dad by day, in another personality, subject their child to trafficking, MKULTRA abuse, act as a spy or assasin , even prostitute themselves.

    All at the will of their handler.

    Ritual Satanic Abuse is used to traumatise children for MKULTRA.
    That’s were Lucifarianism comes in handy.

    And its so freaking weird that they hope no one will beleive the child if they remember.

    Justin Trudeau and his dad are known MKULTRA puppets.

    I beleive our Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull is too.

    The French PM is a classic.

    And I suspect that the loud lefties are a combo of paid and MKULTRA puppets.

    Sodomy is the most effective method for mind control as it causes neurological damage, from the base of the spine to the brain.

    Thus the Zionist filth introduced sodomy into hetro porn.

    And homos being accepted in society and the military.

    Skull and bones initiation is homo gang rape. Presidents and military.

    Bohemian Grove (elite get together)worships
    Moloch-the owl and they make sacrifices to him.

    They also ass rape each other and male sex workers.

    And children. They also hunt, rape and kill children for sport at Bohemian Grove.

    Mkultra has been running science the second world war. Allegedly 2 million Americans have been victims.

    Children are trafficked and raped internationally in this military, media, religious, government program.

    The rape and murder of children is big bucks.
    Rupert Murdoch, Kerry Packer made a fortune.

    You can sell drugs once, a child you can sell countless times. When it gets too old, they kill / sacrifice the child.


  3. Americans should be very alarmed. Random events are just that….random. A random event does NOT start in many places at once. The fires in Calif. are NOT random. Yes, a fire can start and spread, even across many miles as the high winds can blow sparks etc. I accept that. But you have fires starting and spreading at MANY places all at once, within hours of each other. Some accepted spread due to winds but others NOT spread that way…all at once. This is arson…worse I believe this is terrorism. You have Trump allowing finally the arrest of the vicious gangs MS13 that has been in the news. The falling of Hollywood elite, revealing of secrets, people running scared knowing that their time is running short before they will be exposed. ICE finally uncuffed to do their jobs. If I was Soros and all his cohorts I would unleash my forces to cause unlimited WAR to change reality. Cause panic, civil unrest, mayhem and vast destruction. This misdirects attention. I believe the MSM and all Americans are missing a huge terrorist event happening this very minute in CA.


  4. No, Mueller is NOT a good guy – but he *may* have been flipped for a deal less than the rope.
    Q ref to Mil intel tells me POTUS will close down both FBI and CIA – I have known all along that Military Intellegence can do it all.


  5. KeyStone..maybe the pipeline? Who owns it, who are connected to it. They control a LOT of the oil refinarys etc. That would convey a LOT of power. I would bet there is a lot to those deals that we do not know yet.


  6. Hello, I have a few ideas I would like to leave if possible? The hostage question from Q -is it that the big families control govts, CIA etc. Big families/CIA in charge of NKorea, which gives them control of the bombs? Which means that the whole world is being held hostage of annihilation by these people. How do you hold them accountable? They are not a nation state that we can sanction or threaten in the normal sense. Also this is about ultimate power and world domination. They would not care if most of the population annihilated they would then be in absolute power of the world forever. ALSO we can make NKorea into a parking lot, but smart many would be that these bombs are not just in NK! That is just the public ones for world consumption. You would have to believe that they have them spread throughout the world, secret, insurance. How to win, how to counter that. That is the scariest shit I have ever heard of or had to face! I pray Trump has the keys and has a way forward…

    Next-how did the material for the bombs get moved around in secret? Remember all the pirating going on in the gulf and all around the ME and world years ago? What event gave our Govt the excuse to take all security for those sea going vessels? The taking hostage of capt Phillips 2014. Now I had contacts that I worked with overseas who well before these events started a security company to provide sec for these ships, companies etc. They were denied permission! Nat sec!!! Boom.. capt Phillips taken hostage , govt has reason to take over and provide security. What ability from this control do the bad guys in govt etc. gain? Absolute control and secret means of moving “anything / anywhere” around the world in complete confidence of secrecy. All the materials, equipment, everything was moving around with our guys through govt contracts providing the security completely under cover of our Bad guys in govt , unbeknownst to the good guys providing the actual security. All a public lie seen on TV in black and white. The kidnapping/SEALs takeout- all a set -up to give our govt the means of taking over sec and doing their crimes. Dates etc all verifiable, info is on the web.

    I was a sec contractor around the world, lots of contacts, stuff that I have heard and seen that did not make sense till now or meaning changed. I am so sorry for messing up your spreadsheet yesterday, not a computer savvy person, use them but not into the net thing so much. I don’t know how to access the threads etc. Stupid I know. If you could spread this or let someone know or let me know how to access and post I would be grateful. I am terrified by what I have learned over the last 3 weeks or so by reading Q and anon posts etc. Opened my eyes. I have never been into conspiracies. I know that dirty shit happens everyday and that a good bit of what I have heard over the years was true or prob true but like a lot I guess it just did not affect me so I did not pay enough attention. I am cured now! Thank you for your time!


      • Thank you so much for the reply! I work at a Ga state agency and try to stay off the web, but events and knowledge from this site etc., make it hard. I want constant input now that my eyes are more open. I will e-mail you from home though. I wanted to say that it seems Q has an affinity for TC. He is one of my fav authors. If you have read Executive Orders you can pretty much see a hell of a lot of events being repeated in real time. Take Jack Ryan out and insert Donald Trump and it is a narrative of today. Scary, as are a lot of events last 15 years considering TC books are dated 80-90’s. I always said he was a prophet. He did not see or did not write about the worst of the truths coming out though ie: pedos, cannibalism etc.


      • The world is waking up. Go on YouTube and watch Wizard of OZ “come out come out where every you are”, where Glenda says, “It’s alright, you can all come out now, the wicked witch is dead!” That time is upon us!


  7. I KNEW Flynn is fine! He is a patriot and hero for lying TO THE ENEMY!
    The Comey FIB is proven openly to be the enemy.
    Is Wray cleaning it up? Hope so, he’s sidelined 2 evil ones…. shortly after he took Director.

    keystone = pizzagate
    or separating key – stone – does Q mean Roger Stone? hope not

    NWO / swamp / deepstate
    Pizzagate, Pedofiles, Hillary Clinton (murders, foundation)

    Pizzagate Podesta, pedofiles
    Anthony Weiner turn State’s Evidence against Hillary.
    December 2017 recap page 3


    • I do not believe Q is Roger Stone. I believe Q is a group of people close to the POTUS, including POTUS. I believe he has been using Q for a long time now, to get info out. A friend of mine put this out. Very revealing. This short video catches Jones mentioning Q early in 2017 . I have always known that Jones and Stone have been working very close with POTUS. Jones’ goofball antics are part of his cover. Sometimes, Infowars is used as a Mockingbird weapon for the Deep State, because they listen to everyword, looking for intel.
      I don’t know about Wray yet. He has some negative background. I am definitely not buying the “Mueller is a good guy” story.


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