Why is There A White Rabbit “Cut Out” In North Korea?

Why is there a cut-out of a rabbit with a 600 foot air strip in North Korea? Coincidence?NK Bunny

If you care to check the above photo out for yourself, go to google earth, and search International Friendship Exhibition, North Korea. Zoom in. You will see the white rabbit.

NK 600 ft air strip

What is that giant structure located in the foot of the rabbit?


Anon posted:


This is a luxury hotel in North  Korea, called The Hyangsan. What symbol does it remind you of?

NK Hotel

What was Obama’s parting gift to his terrorist brothers-in-arms, before he left office?


Where does the P.A/Hamas go shopping for their arms/nukes?


Similar info can be found here:

Why was Bill Clinton and John Podesta in N.Korea? Who else is pictured with them?


What is that strange mural they are standing in front of? Why is this media photo cropped so tightly?


Oh. That’s Why. It looks like New York City being destroyed.

NK apolcolyptic mural

Update: https://wp.me/p7kZHT-1PJ



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