North Korea? It’s All About China UPDATED 8/12/17

Dr. Pieczenik- When Trump bombed Syria, he made his first diplomatic move against China. It is important to understand this piece, before we can move down the road and see where we are at today.

Now the North Korean threat is being used in the game between China and the United States.  You will see how India fits into the current geopolitical situation. The Dr. Steve interview begins at the 1:55:00 mark.

China and India are at odds over water, and that makes India a pressure point for China. Clearly, President Trump plans to use India as leverage with China. The timing of Ivanka’s trip to India is no coincidence:

It is important to understand that Chinese diplomacy has always been Ivanka’s role in the White House. What Americans fail to see (and POTUS does NOT fail to see), is her influence with the Chinese. They adore her. Believe it or not, it is kind of a “Cult of personality” thing (kind of like it was for the Americans with Princess Diana).


This may seem silly, but as a business man, President Trump understands the Chinese culture, and he knows how to appeal to them. They respond to Ivanka, so he uses Ivanka.

See the Kabuki playing out here? (Yes, I know Kabuki is Japanese).

Regarding India: We shouldn’t forget the large contingent of Indian Americans that support Donald Trump. Talk about a cult of personality! Indian Americans love Donald Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt some affinity to them for their support.

Watch this, it is hilarious!

Why would the people of India love Trump? I will tell you why: Because millions of them have been slaughtered by Radical Islam. The people of India have been tormented by Islamic groups, particularly those from Pakistan. For the most part, the people of India want to live in peace and they are NOT warriors by nature. No one has ever stood up for them before.

They see Donald Trump as a brave man, who is willing to stand up against Radical Islam, and they love him for it. He represents hope.

About Pakistan…we are having our own Pakistani problem right now. America is slowly waking up to the reality that we have been infiltrated by a Pakistani crime syndicate: The Awan Family. The MSM is downplaying this right now, but it is actually a large group of loosely related Pakistani’s that have formed a spy network, with the help of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

As you can see, ALL of these things are interconnected: N. Korea, China, India, Islam, Pakistan, and the criminals in DC. Please keep this in mind, when MSM is trying to make you focus on Kim Jun Un. They want you to think that he and he alone is the boogeyman. They DON’T want you to see the bigger picture.

August 12, 2017: POTUS lobs a diplomatic bomb at China

Report: President Trump To Announce “Section 301” Trade Investigations Against China on Monday…

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