The Awan Bros. Pt.6 8/2/17

Car Dealership/Theft Ring

It is important to have a basic understanding of the “car dealership” aspect of the Awan Brother’s crime family. Just like everything else, it is complicated.

In short, the Awans ran several “used” car dealerships. These dealerships in (many cases)sold stolen vehicles. They used low-level thugs to procure the vehicles. Many of these vehicles were “high end”, and would often be used for barter when blackmailing/rewarding high profile clients (Congressmen?).

The dealerships themselves were massive money laundering operations. One was named: Cars International A.

The other purpose for the cars? They proved to be great vessels for transferring illegal items/substances. They could be shipped cross-country via trains? Or internationally via shipping or air.

Rod Wheeler/Seth Rich & The Awans

Something very strange happened yesterday…Rod Wheeler, the Private Investigator for the Seth Rich murder, completely turned on his own testimony. Those that have been following, have seen Wheeler’s interviews, and the fact that he presented quite a bit of evidence that showed (minimally), that we ARE NOT being given the entire story. The obvious conclusion is that the Dark Overlords have threatened him. IMHO, nothing else makes sense.

Yesterday, this happened:

Here is one of those interviews:

Another strange thing happened (and I hope it doesn’t cause too much division): Roger Stone (via Infowars), posted a photo of Seth Rich and Imran Awan at a party together, before Seth was shot.

Following the release of  Stone’s article (during a livestream of Crowdsource the truth), George and Jason were sent the photo, and both of them claim that the man in the photo is not Awan.

There has also been some confusion as to whether or not Rich was actually murdered. The Rod Wheeler interview brought up many questions: Particularly the absence of a death certificate, and an autopsy. While watching this unfold, it was my opinion that Webb was hypothesizing the possibility that the Seth Rich murder could have been concocted to keep us form the real story…the Awans. I think many interpreted this as George saying, “Seth Rich wasn’t murdered”. That isn’t what he said.

Jerome Corsi is an incredible researcher, with a reputation for integrity. He firmly believes Seth Rich was murdered. I would never discount his opinion, without thoroughly  investigating the facts. That being said, it is possible that the photo COULD be of a man other than Imran Awan. Time will tell.

Both Crowdsource the truth, and Dr. Corsi have collaborated in the past. I hope (for our sake), they can work this out.

Interesting articles:

Pertinent Podcasts/Interviews:

Although today’s episode of The Hagmann Radio Show wasn’t “All things Awan”, he did cover the Rod Wheeler issue, and his strange turnabout.


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