Awan Brothers: Pt.5 8/1/17

News headlines from the past 24 hours:

Zerohedge: Media has to start admitting that this is MUCH MORE than $300,000 bank fraud.

Zerohedge: Traffic tickets exposes aliases for Awans-Karachi ties. George Webb also did a video on this one.

Awan Connection to Classic Cars DC:

If you are new the Awan Brothers scandal, confused, or just want to brush up on the facts: I recommend listening to this two part series by Doug Hagmann, published on 7/31, 8/1. He does a fantastic job creating the framework, without getting stuck in the weeds. Audio only.


Pt. 2

If you have a basic understanding, and you like the details (and want to go deeper) there were some AMAZING interviews yesterday.

*Crowdsource the Truth interviewed Brainy Blonde (she is amazing). You can listen to these while doing other things.

*Hurricane Awan: This episode is very important. George gives a run down on MSM, and how they are trying to catch up with the story. Also, he has some VERY interesting information on why Anthony Scarmucci was fired, and it ties into Purple Shovel, dark weapons and ratlines. This is another one you can listen to with headphones.

*If you have extra time, and you can’t get enough, I also recommend Stefan Molyneux’s video on the Awan Story.




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