Unraveling the Awan Brother Crime Syndicate Pt. 3. 7/30/17


…Probably best to start this clip at the 00:43 second mark: Schaeffer explains how Awan was sending intel to the Islamic Brotherhood. This is important, because this is most likely how they knew we were coming in the Yemeni raid a few months ago. Think about that… we lost a Navy Seal in that raid.

This entire episode is very interesting, but I am including it here to share a very important/short clip with you. The clip starts at the 8:05 mark, and continues to 11:40. George and Jason are giving the historical context of the battle that is currently being waged between President Trump and the Deep State/CIA. The battle is set against the backdrop of Watergate, and it’s relation to the JFK assassination. Once explained, it  brings our present situation into focus.

Today’s episode of the Doug Hagmann Radio Show was a Slam Dunk. Please download, and listen.

Here are some interesting documents: Were you aware that (as of now) the prosecuting attorney AGAINST Imran Awan is Debbie Wasserman Shchultz’ brother, Steve?

Steve Wasserman

The next document is a copy of the “Letter in Response” from Imran Awan’s attorney. It is important to note, that he is being represented by one of Bill and Hillary’s high priced lawyers.

Awan letter

I am including (as before) for those that are just tuning in, an excellent primer on the Awan Brother crime family.


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