Unravelling the Awan Brother Crime Syndicate Pt.1 7/27/17

I have been following the investigation of the Awans for quite sometime now. I have the advantage of being able to keep a close ear on alternative media during the day. I plan on posting the best of the best  interviews (IMHO) as they occur. I will also add any other pertinent information that I find. Keep in mind this rabbit hole is SO DEEP, there really is no way I can cover everything.

The story of the Awan Brother’s Crime Syndicate is a rat’s nest, and it will take some time to sort it out. I won’t attempt to do so in one blog post.

It is important to remember that the Awans were not the enemy of the DNC. Rather they were employed by 30+ members of the DNC, and provided them with many “services”. How did they get away with it? A little thing called “Diplomatic Cover”. You see, there is a loophole for foreign diplomats, that allows them to do many illegal things, including spying on Americans. It was therefore, VERY advantageous for corrupt politicians to hire these foreign nationals to do their bidding.

Today, I am including two separate videos from researchers that have been working on the story for a very long time. George Webb has unraveled the crimes of the Awans better than anyone (as far as I’m concerned).

Today 7/27/17, he posted an “update” video to catch people up. I am including a screenshot from this video, that shows an email from Hillary Clinton to Huma Abedin. Hillary is requesting that Anthony Wiener provide her with one of his “special” phones from his “trusted staff”. Notice the name of the staff member has been redacted (Imran Awan)?

awan cookie

Here is a different video, from Doug Hagmann’s radio show 7/27/17. Doug has also been researching the Awans, and he has a totally different approach. I find his information equally as valuable.



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