It’s Time to Have an Honest Discussion About John McCain.

*As the Awan Brother scandal unfolds, America will be shocked when they learn how deeply the Islamic Brotherhood has penetrated our government. This has been going on for years.

Let’s start out with John McCain, (and also Evan McMullen), and examine their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

*This article is absolutely stunning.

About Today’s Ridiculous Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing – The Advocacy for Deep State…

*President Richard Nixon pardoned the Vietnam POW’s that were charged for Treason. There were however, 33 that were slated for excecution, because they had “aided and abetted the enemy”. John McCain was one of these 33 men.


*These are McCain’s  original Tokyo Rose recordings.

*Several years ago,  Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann was sounding the alarm bells, regarding Huma Abedin, and voicing concerns about the security clearance she was receiving as Hillary Clinton’s handmaiden. Bachmann received vicious backlash for this. John McCain took it upon himself to publically reprimand her. Watch here, as he gives his glowing defense for Huma Abedin:

*We have come to learn more about Huma Abedin, as of late:

*Phil Haney Exposes How the US Government has deliberately been penetrated by the  Islamic Brotherhood.



When will America wake up, and realize that Donald Trump was right. John McCain was and is no hero?



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