Have We Reached the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole Yet? Updated 7/30/17

Attorney Jared Beck Represents the Plaintiffs in the DNC fraud case. His wife Elizabeth gives a 15 minute interview (below), where she illustrates the connection she sees between the recent string of deaths of those related to the DNC case, The Clinton Foundation, Haiti, The Mayo Clinic, and the practice of Illegal organ harvesting.

Exposed: https://youtu.be/1bmMl2OGVQ0

This episode of Crowdsource the Truth references the above interview, and gives further details on the process.

Explained:  I had previously posted a different video here. This one does a much better job explaining the Beck’s case. The Beck’s case is discussed at the  24:48 mark in the video. 


If you are interested in keeping up with information on the Beck case, you can follow the #ProtectTheBecks on twitter.

The Becks sat down for an in depth interview with George Webb and Jason Goodman: