*UPDATED 7/11 9:15 PDT* Forensicator: “The Rabbit” Drops 28,000 Private Hillary emails. Size of File Proves Russia Did Not Hack!

There are two aspects to consider here: Many are looking for a new “smoking gun” about Hillary Clinton.  Due to the enormous size of the file, this remains to be seen, as the data has not been analyzed.

The other (and more important aspect), is the size of the file itself, which COULD NOT HAVE BEEN downloaded from a remote location, like Russia.

The Gateway Pundit article Breaks the story, and does an excellent job explaining the situation. It also contains the link to the entire email cache. But I warn you, the file is huge.


There is new video analysis as of July 11, 2017. In my opinion, it is what we have all been waiting for. Of course, it will take time to get the information out. I think that is up to all of us. This video also covers the recent military jet crash.