The Ukrainian Connection

Lee Stranahan has been barking up the Ukrainian tree for awhile now. Why? Because buried within the Ukraine, is the key to the Russian Hacking hoax.  Lee had several videos on YouTube, explaining the overthrow of the Democratically elected Ukrainian Government, and their connection to our 2016 election. Unfortunately, Lee was marked as bad boy, and got banned from YouTube.

Here is the information that was presented in Lee’s videos:

Ukraine 1Ukraine2Ukraine3


This is the story from Politico, that Lee referred to: (note ~The first few paragraphs are fluff. The story about Alexandra Chalupa  follows, and it goes deep.)


Don’t forget the McCain connection:

This communication seems particularly dirty. Are they using Politico as a telegraph machine?

As of late, the “Trump Russia/Possible Collusion” fairy tale has gone by the wayside. There have been many retractions printed:

This retraction  is my favorite:

It has been said that the media receives it’s talking points from one source. If we pay close attention, this is easy to see. I believe this video demonstrates this fact perfectly (hillarious):

One might ask: Why was every MSM outlet so desperate to push such an obvious lie? Why were they willing to risk their credibility? What did they gain by it?







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