The Fairy Tale of “Russian Hacking” was born in the Ukraine.

On June 20th, President Trump met with the President of Ukraine.

The brief article below sets the stage. It gives little to no information, but provides nice visual.

President Trump Meets With Ukrainian President Poroshenko at The White House…

Lee Stranahan has been barking up the Ukrainian tree for awhile now. Why? Because buried within the Ukraine, is the key to the Russian Hacking hoax. If President Trump knows this (and you can bet he does), he is most likely getting closer to exposing this truth. My guess is that his meeting with President Poroshenko had something to do with this.

Lee breaks it down, starting at the 19:00 mark: Please take the time to listen. It is complicated, but worth it!


This is the story from Politico, that Lee referred to: (note ~The first few paragraphs are fluff. The story about Alexandra Chalupa  follows, and it goes deep.)

Here is an interesting link that someone sent to me that is related to Chalupa and the Peepee-Gate Dossier.

Don’t forget the McCain connection:

This communication seems particularly dirty. Are they using Politico as a telegraph machine?

Clearly there are dirty connections between Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, John McCain and Alexandra Chalupa. All of who seem to be working very hard to make it appear like President Trump has been colluding with the Russians. Such projection is often typical with sociopaths. Hopefully the truth will be brought to the surface soon, and justice served to the guilty.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for America to be great again.


In this video,  Lee exposes how the DNC began to fabricate the Russian hacking narrative as far back as Spring of 2016. If you this story interests you, Lee  does a much more in-depth video here:



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