American Student Returns to America in a Vegetative State. Why This Matters:

Otto Van Warmbier was a typical Millennial. I won’t go into the details of defining that term. We all know what it entails.

Like most American young people, he was raised without any red pills. As a result, he had NO idea what he was getting into when he went to North Korea. He had no knowledge Communism’s brutality.

What this young man faced is what WE WILL ALL FACE, if the Left regains power. Those at the top are using our addled-brained youth to bring about a violent revolution. We must not let this happen in our country.

Since Donald Trump announced he was running for President, a new wave of optimism has swept the country. Many, MANY of us have fought hard for the victories that we have achieved. In fact…no other group of people on earth has put up the kind of resistance, that we Deplorables have. Many countries on the earth have been overthrown by Soros-funded, Color Revolutions. America is still fighting.

If we lose, we will pay for our resistance.

We will end up worse than Mr. Van Warmbier.

So will our country.

We can’t lose.

Update: Otto’s parents open up about his death:




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