Making Arabia Great Again

Here we are the day after “The deal” was made with Saudi Arabia, and I think McMaster, Cohn, Preibus, got their asses handed to them. Did you see them (yes I know McMaster wasn’t actually there), during the sword dance looking lost and pissed off? Meanwhile Tillerson and Wilbur Ross were dancing the jig. Why?

The art of the deal.

What I like to call “The Mean Girls Club”, stood there in frustration, wondering how they were going to explain why there will be no Saudi backed ground war against Syria. When they return home, they will need to explain their failure to McMaster, Patraeus and McCain. They will instead, need to explain why there will be a massive Saudi coalition against Iran, and it why it will be on Donald Trump’s terms.

Why would I think such a thing? A few weeks ago, Mike Cernovich broke this news:

Cernovich was quite triggered, because it appeared that President Trump was caving into his Neocon contingent (McMaster, Priebus, Cohn). Mike stated that these neocons had spearheaded a massive arms deal with the Saudis. The purpose was to support a massive ground war, using US assets against the Syrians. If they had their way, it would have most likely involved a commitment of American troops (wasn’t this what Hillary and Obama wanted all along?). My guess is that Trump played along, while we Deplorables sat back and watched and wondered why. At the same time, alternative news was exposing these same players as the people who were betraying President Trump through leaks. It was so frustrating. Didn’t he know? Why wouldn’t he fire them?

President Trump takes his contingent to Saudi Arabia, and signs the deal. Afterwards they come out and participate in a celebratory “Sword Dance”. This is VERY telling. Watch the first minute and sixteen seconds if the video below.

In the beginning, you see “Group 1”. Look at Cohn and Preibus: They are standing there, not celebrating. Cohn looks particularly pissed off, doesn’t he? Notice that Bannon is in that group too. I do not think Bannon is part of the “Mean Girls Club”. But I am guessing that he probably wasn’t in on what Trump was doing. If I had to guess, Bannon wouldn’t have be too keen on doing any deal with the Saudis.

Compare the countenance of this team with that of Tillerson and Ross. They are actually part of the dance.

Instead of committing the Saudis to a massive ground war in Syria, Trump IS orchestrating a massive organization of nations to fight radical Islamic terrorism. Ultimately, he has Iran in his crosshairs. I have no idea what kind of goodies President Trump has built into that agreement. But there is no mistaking the fact that both President Trump and the King of Saudi Arabia have made Iran their number one military target.

About that…Before we get too upset about that, remember that Iran=Obama. Before he left office, Obama stole billions of dollars from the American people. Cash money, on an airplane, and gave it to Iran. He just GAVE IT TO THEM! He also illegally orchestrated the Iran deal. During his regime, Obama had brought in millions of sleeper cell warriors, who are waiting for the call to Jihad. Why? Because we are being set up. Obama was and still is preparing America to be taken over by the country he represents, Iran. These terrorists are the military arm of the New World Order. They are Soros’ Army.

If we do nothing, we are doomed. But what do we do? I still haven’t figured out how we are going to handle all of the terrorists living within our nation. I sure hope President Trump has a plan.

How do we take care of Iran, and drain the swamp (which is causing America so much misery)? How can we do this, and not sacrifice the lives of more American soldiers? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually make money, instead of losing for a change? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be loved and respected instead of despised?

Somehow, President Trump has managed to convince Saudi Arabia to take care of Iran for us, and purchase the military hardware to do it from us (we make money). The world benefits, because Soros’ Globalist Army is crushed. The funding that the Swamp receives from Iran will be gone. Then President Trump can drain the swamp, and then he can Make America Great Again!

Here is President Trump’s speech: This is absolutely epic! I can’t believe the things he said to those Saudi elites. These men are not exactly pussycats. They have been oppressing their people for a long time. To say they have blood on their hand is an understatement. You would think they would be standing up and screaming “ALLAH AKBAR”, and drawing their swords against President Trump. But they didn’t. By the looks on some of their faces, I don’t think they liked what he was saying very much. But SOMETHING happened during their meeting, that has subdued these fellas. They are obviously willing to play nice. Which is a miracle.

Here is the speech given by the Saudi King Salman, which followed President Trump’s speech.

After President Trump left Saudi Arabia, he and his contingent moved on to Israel. Reince Priebus decided to go back to Washington. No word yet, if Gary Cohn joined him.

I have added this video for comic relief, but I do find it amazing considering where we were at a year ago. Look how far we have come! These people were not friendly towards us. In fact, they probably wanted to do us harm. Now they are dancing with our President. He truly has an amazing gift!