Who is Robert Mueller, and what was HE was doing in Russia?


Robert Mueller was the delivery guy for uranium samples to Russia during this timeframe. Hillary Clinton sold uranium and used her position of power to gain personal compensation (illegally) while she was Secretary of State. I’m not saying that this is proof that Hillary and Mueller were colluding, but selling enriched uranium to the Russians is a big deal. I think it merits an investigation. I also think Mueller’s integrity is in question, and he should recuse himself from the Trump investigation. Better men than him have had to do it for doing much less.

The Trump haters chose Mueller because they wanted someone “unbiased” and “distanced” from the Russians.

God Bless WikiLeaks.


Note: The above WikiLeak is a partial screenshot of open source material from August 17, 2009. The mention of Mueller is contained in section six of the document. Special credit for discovering this information should be given to Owen Shroyer. I think it is very important, and I hope you will share it.


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