Seth Rich: Info Collection: Updated May 23, 2017

Why does the murder of Seth Rich matter?

Seth Rich was a young man who started working for the Hillary Clinton campaign, just days before he died. He was originally a Bernie Sanders supporter.

It is coming to light, that Seth was not happy with the way Bernie was being treated by the Clinton campaign.

Independent investigations are revealing that Seth Rich was most likely the source of the DNC email leaks. In other words, in order to hurt the Clinton campaign, he made sure WikiLeaks had those emails.

Of course, when the Clinton campaign found out…your guess is as good as mine what happened next.

If it can be proven that Seth Rich was in fact the one who leaked the DNC emails, than it would prove that the RUSSIANS did NOT hack the election. If the Russians didn’t hack the election, than the 17 intelligence agencies are guilty of carrying on a grand conspiracy against Donald Trump, the American people, and really, the rest of the world. Why do  I say that? Because, if you recall, during the election: Hillary, McCain and Graham were so OUTRAGED over the hacks,  they were ready to start WW3 with the Russians. This most likely would have gone nuclear. Think about that for a moment. All to cover her tired old ass. How disgusting is that?

I am coming across heaps of interesting and unique Seth Rich info. I’m not quite sure where it is leading yet:

Seth Rich’s parents want to know what was uncovered in the police investigation;


*5/20/17 Update from 4Chan

*Seth Rich Reddit account: (added 5/19/17):

*George Webb:

*Reddit Post:

*Doug Hagmann:


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