YouTube (or perhaps someone else) Caught RED HANDED!! Censoring Political Content to Frame President Trump.

There is a very important video that has surfaced today, that pretty much exposes James Comey for the liar that he is.  Hmm. You know what? I realize that many Democrats might find the word “liar” offensive. I will change the word to counter factual, tale-teller. See here: 

It shows him testifying in Congress on May 3rd, that NO ONE ever interfered with his investigation. He says it would be “A big deal” if that had happened, and it hadn’t happened.  That means Comey’s “memo” about President Trump trying to influence him to stop his investigation on Mr. Flynn is most likely based on a lie. Remember, this entire canard is the basis for which the Democrats and many NeverTrump Republicans are attempting to impeach President Trump.

See the video for yourself here:

I wanted to verify this video for myself. The date at the beginning of the video could have come from years ago. So I found a version of the hearing from May 3rd on YouTube. The woman in the purple suit is allowed to question Comey twice. She questions him at the 2:08:00 mark, and the 3:29:00 mark. Watch the video. YouTube (or someone) has edited out the question about Trump, and the part where James Comey might very well be perjuring himself.

I will say this…It is possible that is wasn’t YouTube that edited out James Comey’s answer. Perhaps someone else did? Of that we can’t be sure. All we know, is that someone did not want the public to be able to go back and verify IN CONTEXT James Comey’s answer. I can’t imagine who would want to do something like that. Can you?





  1. Good job LV! I’ve been out running errands, so just getting caught up. Editing? Yes, by youtube, owned by Google, I’ve have personally experienced it more than once.


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