Did Trump Just Release Tape on Comey?

Remember this tweet?

Capture.PNG 1

Last night, this embarrassing, DAMNING tape shows up of Comey. It blows the water out of this entire “Memo Gate”. Either Comey is lying about the memo, or he perjured himself. Which is it, Comey?

Is this the tape Trump was talking about?

I think it is possible.

I wonder if Trump knew about it?

I wonder if he leaked it. It is in the public domain after all. Someone just needed to bring it to our attention.

For those who have seen him do things like this before…you will get a kick out of this. For those of you who hate his guts, or refuse to give him any credit, don’t bother watching. I’m sure you will find this very upsetting.

One more point that I think is crucial…go here, to see how YouTube (or perhaps someone else) has colluded with Trump’s enemies to edit this video.


Patriots, this is important information.

Our Republic hangs in the balance. Please feel free to share this. My blog is not moneytized. I have nothing to gain from clicks. Please spread it around.




  1. Look at the date of this. It means nothing if it was said before the president asked him to drop the investigation. That meeting would change his feeling regarding the president, and not for the best. In other words, this tape isn’t going to help Trump.


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