You Can’t Stump The Trump!

In one tweet, he owned them, and they don’t even know it yet.

Capture.PNG 1

Now…Check out this headline from (of all places) Mother Jones:House Democrats Demand That White House Turn Over Any Tapes of James Comey”

Do you see what he has done here? These “tapes” create for Comey, the same scenario as the phantom “evidence” of Russian collusion does for Trump. All President Trump has to do is “say” he has them. He can claim anything is on those tapes. He can even say Comey incriminates others on the recordings. He can then say they are so “explosive”, that they are a threat to national security, and he has placed them on the highest level of classified security. In fact, he could call for a special investigation, and hire his own “trusted” prosecutors to review them. Heck, he could have Comey and everyone that he has incriminated, indicted on federal charges. They wouldn’t even have to know what they were being charged for. After all, the evidence is just too “secret” for them to know. This is in fact, what they are attempting to do to President Trump.

Now I don’t actually think President Trump would take it this far, but he would definitely be calling their bluff.

 How fitting it will be for Haman to hang on the very gallows he had built for someone else!



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