Who is Andrew McCabe (and Why Does it Matter)?

On May 9th, FBI Director James¬†Comey¬†was made to perform a¬†“perp walk” (much deserved) … and all God’s people said, “AMEN”!

Until President Trump can find a suitable replacement, the Deputy FBI Director will be performing his duties. That man is Andrew McCabe. Not surprisingly, this guy is just as bad, (if not worse than Comey). But we have to move forward, no matter how painful. When we cut out one tumor, a new one arises, exposing even more disease. We are a very sick country, and it is going to take a lot to make us well again.

George Webb covers McCabe’s corruption in this video (well some of it). Of course it ties straight to the Clintons. His ties are through his wife and also (sadly) with Pedogate. Which means he has a lot to hide, everything to lose, and will do¬†ANYTHING to save his ass.(If you are not familiar with this series, can I just say, you are missing out. Go on YouTube, search it out, and keep on going. The first block of videos were mysteriously erased, but I recommend a good starting place is at Day 99. Much more exciting than binge watching Netflix!).

This article speaks of McCabe’s general attitude towards President Trump:


This article from March speaks of the interesting relationship between McCabe and Priebus:

Screw You James Comey – What’s Good For The Goose…

McCabe failed to disclose campaign donations:


I am placing this story here because I personally believe some of the worst betrayal that President Trump faces, flows through Reince Priebus, to McCabe. I believe time will show their relationship to be tighter than we realize.

White House Plays Nunes Trump Card To Expose Staff Leaker and Call Out “Oversight” Gang-of-Eight…

Trump to host Russian Diplomat at White House:



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