Update: May 14, 2017

President Trump has had a great week. In firing FBI Director Comey, it seems the flood gates have opened. President Trump seems emboldened. Blood is in the water. She sharks are apoplectic.

Get ready Deplorables, the battle is going to intensify. The Left is going to pull out everything they have. President Trump is our prize fighter, and it looks as if he is now ready to make some death blows. We must be ready to stand with him. Just know it might cost us something. Don’t be afraid. Things in life worth fighting for usually do!.

May 8th, 2017


To my fellow Patriots and Trump supporters:

Do you realize what is happening right now? While we have been virtue signaling about the purity and efficacy of President Trump’s ability to exorcise Washington of it’s demons (yes, I mean that literally), those demons have been meticulously preparing to remove him from office.

Think it can’t happen? It IS happening. And yesterday’s stolen French election was the dog whistle. It was a call to arms for the Left. And it had better be for us as well.

For months, the media has been effectively dividing Trump’s base. Lie after lie, they have been spreading about him. During the campaign we learned a very important lesson, didn’t we? The press lies about Trump. They twist his words. If it doesn’t come from his mouth, it probably isn’t true. We also learned over many years, that the majority of congress is working for the enemy. So when the “Conservatives” in DC go a certain direction, they should be the last people we trust. Whether or not you still believe Trump deserves this betrayal, you have to look at the outcome: Has the Left succeeded in putting a wedge between Trump and his supporters? The answer is: yes.

(Is Trump a traitor or a hero?  http://wp.me/p7kZHT-tO)

Last week, Hillary Clinton came out loud an proud, back to work. She is up to something. She is unafraid and confident.

Barack Obama is back in town. He has his own state-of-the-art television studio in his home, ready to broadcast as the new Community Organizer of the United States of America…against Trump.

The French election was meant to demoralize US. It was meant to make us believe that “Maybe nationalism is going down after all”. I look at the comment sections and I hear all of the disgusting things being said about the French people: “Stupid, cucked French will get what they deserve for this”.  “How could France want this?”

My question is: How could we be so unmerciful? The only reason Donald Trump won was because we had a miracle. The Clinton cheating machine is very powerful. The Trump vote DID show up. I believe the French did to. For some reason, God was kind to us. I hope he still chooses to be so kind. We really need HIS kindness right now. (If you consider yourself in the Army of God, you have unique marching orders right now: For our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.)

Why? We are ripe for the picking. That is why. Congress is getting ready to invoke article 25. The are getting ready to impeach Trump on the grounds that he is unfit. The only way this can work is if his base isn’t behind him. There has NEVER been a more fit President. You may laugh, thinking that the cause of  “insanity” will never fly. The truth is, they can get away with any lie they want, if President Trump does not have our unwavering, undivided, passionate, DEPLORABLE support!

So I strongly suggest, if we don’t won’t to lose our country, that we put those political differences aside RIGHT NOW! If you have concerns about political decisions he is making, and you are a person of faith, take those concerns to God. We must unite behind President Trump. Every time we tear him down publicly, we empower the enemy, and we demoralize him. The enemy figured out a long time ago that a house divided cannot stand. If they have divisions, they keep them internal, and they do not let their enemy (us) capitalize on them. Why can’t we figure this out too?

Unite or die.

Featured Image Credit: Jon McNaughton   http://jonmcnaughton.com/



  1. Good post – I think you’re right about the globalist Macron win and their larger plan, using the election as a demoralization event. However, I think Macron is going to backfire bigly, along with the Pretty Boy of O Canada. Majore disasters coming there. So if we stay unified, it will be to good effect.

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