President Trump’s long term strategy is not for the weak.

Thanks to the constant barrage of lies spewed by MSM, President Trump’s base is starting to question whether or not he is ever going to “Drain the Swamp”. Some are very outspoken with their impatience. Others wonder if he has given in to our political enemies of the Deep State. I realize these same people have been betrayed many times. But it is clear that there is something different about Donald Trump. He obviously wasn’t the “Deep State” candidate of choice.

And yet, Donald Trump isn’t making it easy for them. He is non-conventional (to say the least). He does things that make no sense to the “conservative mind”. He doesn’t play by the rules. Why has he surrounded himself with Neocons and Goldman Sachs people? What is the deal with Ivanka and Kushner? Why is this taking so long? Trump is either extremely brilliant or extremely stupid. The problem is: If he is brilliant, he is most likely smarter than everyone else, (which means that most of us are too stupid to see what he is doing). In which case, (in order to maintain our pride), it makes it a whole lot more comfortable for us if we accuse him of being stupid, (so we can feel better about ourselves).

I am of the opinion that Donald Trump is not a traitor. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is getting sick and tired of being called one by the people he is sacrificing everything for to help.

On May 4th, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attended the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, in New York City. They were accompanied by Prime Minister Turnbull of Australia, and his wife. At this event, President Trump stood up to speak.

There is a point in his speech where he tells a story about a pilot named Lt. Jack Power.  Listen (especially at the beginning) to how President Trump describes the character traits of this pilot. It sounds like he is describing himself. He goes on to describe why the pilot does what he does, where it takes him, and his strategy in battle. He talks about how badly the allies are losing when he enters the war and it looks like all is lost. He knows what it is going to cost him. Start at the 11:00 mark.

Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, he is no traitor.





  1. I hadn’t realized that some are even considering that Pres.Trump might be a traitor. I can understand some not being able to keep up with what he is doing, though. Thank you for pointing this out. Also, I had missed this speech (can’t keep up 🙂 ) so thanks for posting it. 🙂


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