Which is it Mr. Chaffetz? House ‘Oversight’ or House ‘Overlook’ Committee?

*Have you ever wondered why Hillary Clinton and James Comey can testify in front of God and everybody, and basically confess to the most heinous crimes…and get away with it? I think I have figured it out.

When we see these testimonies, they are usually in front of a little group known as the House Oversight Committee. One of the “superstars” of this group has been a gentleman named Jason Chaffetz. Mr. Chaffetz always brings the courtroom drama, and asks the toughest questions of the so called ‘villain’. When he is finished, we know justice will be served. Except it never is. Never, ever.

I think it is time America realizes that we have been played by these actors. The Oversight Committee is nothing more than a theatrical dog and pony show. It is meant to entertain. It is NOT meant to EVER punish the guilty. It should not be called the Oversight Committee. It should be called the Overlook Committee.

Now, Mr. Chaffetz is in big trouble. He is busted. I am posting the whole sordid story below. If you want the reader’s digest version, I suggest scrolling down and watching the video. In short, Mr. Chaffetz was involved in covering up the deaths of a seal team, and a whistleblower who was there, is risking everything to expose it.

via Did Extortion 17 cover-up sink Rep. Chaffetz?