Trump Did It. Russia Ready to Give In. (And you thought he was a spy…)

Anyone reading my articles in the past might have noticed that I believe (along with a few others) that President Trump was working on a larger strategy in the area of foreign policy{ }. Many have chosen to withdrawal support from him, and badmouth him, simply because they were incapable of seeing the larger picture. I think this is very unfair.

It turns out that he did have a plan to take care of some of the problems that Obama and his Globalist/Neocon buddies had created. Shall we consider some of them? NATO has been a tool of evil for many years. It has become apparent that Trump plans to start using it as a tool for good. The Neocons have manufactured a terrible problem in Syria (and also the Ukraine), that has created a quagmire involving Russia. All for the intended purpose of involving the United States in a world war with them. However, if the tensions can be relieved, perhaps a war can be avoided? China and the US have been at odds for years thanks to Obama’s horrible blunders. Of course N. Korea has it’s chubby little insanity problem as well.

It seems like an impossible mess. The solution process began a few weeks ago, when President Trump lit a match: He bombed Syria (after he warned people there that he was going to do it, and to get out of harm’s way). This set off a chain of events that led to a diplomatic chess play of EPIC proportions.

The sad part is how many of the Deplorables turned against President Trump. I hope they can put down their pride long enough to see what he did, and remember this the next time he does something out of character. Chances are: He is probably up to something. I also hope that Trump can forgive his people for the things they said about him. That had to hurt.

These articles break down exactly what Trump has pulled off:

Russia Blinks – Lavrov Says: Russia Ready To Cooperate with U.S. on Syria…


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