How Does Evan McMullin Tie in To “Russia! Russia! Russia!

While following Crowdsource the Truth, I have learned that it is a common scam of those committing fraud to change one letter in a web address, in order to deceive people. The “ActBlue/ActBlues” scam is a perfect example of this.

Long before I discovered Crowdsource The Truth, I discovered an obscure link showing what looked to be an impersonator site of the Trump Organization.  At the time, President Trump was being accused of Russian collusion, and many of us knew that he was most likely being set up.

The website I am referring to was set up in June of 2016 by an woman named Emily McMullen. At the time, I had wondered if this was the same Emily McMullen who is the sister of NeverTrump operative Evan McMullen (pictured together in photograph below). Her website was under the Trump Orgainzation (notice misspelling). Could it be possible, that with the use of CIA Umbrage techniques, Russian footprints could have been planted on this impersonator site, in order to have evidence to obtain FISA warrant on the real Trump Organization? 

This is the link to the original article last March. You will notice that it leads nowhere, as it has been taken down. I had anticipated that, so I took screenshots.






More than likely, a warrant request was presented to the FISA court, requesting a wire tap on the real Trump Organization. Was the imposter site used? Was there a connection with ex CIA agent and fellow Presidential Candidate, Evan McMullin? Was the supportive evidence given to support a wiretap, planted, Russian, digital footprints? Was this done because there was legitimate suspicion of criminal intent? Or was it done for political reasons?

October 31,2016

Hillary Tweets:


How would Hillary know such a thing?


Remember: Above, On March 5, I took a screen shot of the ICANN verification (impersonator site):  Trump Orgainzation. The Admin. Contact was Emily McMullin.

Screenshot from March 5th.


A few days later, someone had gone in and changed Emily’s name to “The Trump”.