Isn’t it time someone UNMASKED Evan McMullin in the Trump Wiretap Scandal?

In June of 2016, a woman by the name of Emily McMullin (pictured with Never Trump Republican, Evan McMullin in photograph below, relative?), changed the name of her web domain to “Trump Orgainzation”(notice misspelling). It is yet to be determined whether or not this organization was used to obtain the FISA warrant when investigating Candidate Trump. This is an impersonator site, because she has no affiliation with Donald Trump.

I have no idea how long the above link will last, so I went ahead and took screen shots. That is one way to know if you have hit pay dirt: when they take it down. Please feel free to screenshot, copy and repost any information on this site.


Here is where it gets interesting:

*WikiLeaks releases VAULT 7 CIA documents, relating to their spying/hacking techniques. One area referred to as “umbrage”, discusses how the CIA impersonates other country’s digital fingerprints, when hacking into a computer network.

Allow me to give you an example: Lets just say the CIA wanted to make it appear like someone was having an inappropriate relationship with a country like Russia. They could hack into that computer network and impersonate Russia’s fingerprint while they were in there, making it look like the network was communicating with Russia (even though they were actually interfacing with the CIA impersonator). This would allow the CIA to implant false evidence against anyone and use it to act against them. They could also use it against another nation and use it as an excuse to start a war.

Now: Flash back to October 2016. Remember when Hillary Clinton said that she considered “Russian Hacking” an “Act of War”. She was fully intending (if she had won), to go to war with Russia, and sacrifice all of the lives necessary, based (most likely) on evidence that was planted. Let that sink in. Why is the Uniparty SO DESPERATE to go to war with Russia? SO desperate, that they will lie, and plant evidence, to make it happen?

*Here is the WikiLeaks info:


More than likely, a warrant request was presented to the FISA court, requesting a wire tap on the real Trump Organization. Was the imposter site used? Was there a connection with ex CIA agent and fellow Presidential Candidate, Evan McMullin? Was the supportive evidence given to support a wiretap, planted, Russian, digital footprints? Was this done because there was legitimate suspicion of criminal intent? Or was it done for political reasons? I am inclined to think it was for political reasons because Hillary Clinton knew about it (which would have been, by the way, illegal). I believe there is enough information here to merit an investigation. But like so many other things, there is no point, until we can have an honest one.

October 31,2016

Hillary Tweets:



On March 5, I took a screen shot of the ICANN verification (impersonator site):  Trump Orgainzation. The Admin. Contact was Emily McMullin.

Screenshot from March 5th.


A few days later, someone had gone in and changed Emily’s name to “The Trump”.






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