Trump Will Make America Great Again. This is How: (Updated May 2, 2017)

Trump WILL make good on his campaign promises, but he can’t do that until he drains the swamp. If you want to know why, go here: .

He can’t drain the swamp until he deals with the looming global economic crisis. Why is that? Because it is HUGE, it’s global, and it is looming. It was designed that way with the intention of Hillary Clinton being our next President. She had a plan to fix it. It involved a massive war and population reduction. He can’t deal with this looming global economic crisis until he deals with the geopolitical hotspots of Syria, Russia, North Korea, China and Iran… which he is doing RIGHT NOW. But I will get to that in a minute.

President Trump has to tread lightly when it comes to swamp draining (timing is everything). As it stands, 2/3 of Congress are compromised in various criminal activities. More than half of the intelligence agencies are corrupt. The governors, judges, sheriffs in sanctuary cities are directly disobeying federal laws. President Trump is well within his constitutional right to gather the military and arrest these law breakers. Every single one of them. His supporters see he is not doing this, and question his loyalty. Has he been compromised? They go as far as to accuse him publicly. Unfairly in my opinion.

Consider these optics: President Trump gathers the military, storms Congress, handcuffs all of the Democrats, and 1/3 of the Republicans. He arrests Obama, Hillary, Chelsea, Loretta, all of the evildoers. He goes into Chicaco, Austin, LA, Portland, Seattle, all of the sanctuaries and arrests all of the elected governors, judges, sheriffs (keep in mind, he actually has legitimate cause to do this). He has ample evidence of wrongdoing and corruption. He can prove it in a court of law.

This sounds quite delicious doesn’t it? But it won’t play out that way. The press and the world will say he is Hitler, and they will say he has enacted a military takeover of our country. He is removing the opposition party (that was elected by the people) by force. The UN will have to bring a world coalition together to come into America, to save the world from Hitler Trump. Not only that, but you also have the domestic terror groups like Antifa, and the Muslim sleeper cell groups that Obama has waiting in the wings. As much as we want President Trump to give us what we want RIGHT NOW, perhaps he knows better. As the song goes: “You can’t always get what you want. But sometimes you get what you need”. Remember?

Right now, President Trump is in the process of changing America’s geopolitical position in the world. He is quite simply trying to: “Make America Great Again.” In the above scenario, the loyalties of the International Community would be with the Globalists. But what if that weren’t the case? What if that changed and President Trump could change those loyalties? What if Russia, China, Japan, Philippines and the Asian nations were all of the sudden on Team Trump? Or better yet…Team USA?

From a military perspective, how would this Asian economic alliance change America’s strength when it comes to dealing with Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other Islamic Nations? It is possible that these alliances could be made, N. Korea could be subdued without a war, Russia could be made an ally in the sense that they stop supporting Iran, and we stop threatening them, China becomes our best buddy, and we all work together to defeat radical Islam. Then President Trump could drain the swamp. And THEN he could Make America Great Again!

It is quite possible, that the shot off the bow was the strike on Syria’s supposed “chemical weapons”. This set off a chain of events that I believe were meticulously planned by President Trump.

President Trump’s supporters were caught off guard by this “act of war”. It seemed totally out of character. Many were quick to criticize and jump off the Trump Train. Trump always warned us that when he was up to something, he wasn’t going to tell everybody about it. Perhaps we should have known.

Maybe we should have taken the hint when we saw that the bombing happened right when President Trump was having dinner with the President of China. Maybe we should have known that he wasn’t out for blood when we found out he had made a warning phone call first. Those who say he was deceived, or reacting on emotion just because his little girl said, “Daddy, I want a pony”, are just plain stupid. If Trump was that easy to manipulate, do you really think he would have come this far in life? I don’t think so. Everything from that moment has been calculated, and it has borne fruit…even though the media won’t tell you about it. As of May 1st, Russia has decided to give in. Trump won, and they won’t even tell you about it.

See here:

It is also very telling that as of May 1st, MSM has totally died down with all of the N. Korea war rhetoric. That is because there isn’t going to be a Korean War. President Trump’s diplomacy worked perfectly. But we aren’t allowed to give him any credit for that, are we.

As of the May 2nd, MSM’s new talking point is Trump’s massive failure w/ the new spending bill that Congress is passing (no mention of course, on what was just accomplished on the international front). You see, mainstream media is counting on America having a very short attention span. Is it possible for once, that we can NOT live up to their expectations? Is it possible for once that we can stand by our President?






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