Don’t Worry: Trump Knows What He is Doing. Updated 4/19/17

Ok…I get it now.  I am no longer worried. Trump will make good on his campaign promises, but he can’t do that until he drains the swamp. He can’t drain the swamp until he deals with the looming global economic crisis. He can’t deal with looming global economic crisis (manufactured by the globalists,to culminate in a horrific world war, only to give birth to a new world order), until he deals with the geopolitical hotspots of Syria, Russia, North Korea, China and Iran, which he is doing RIGHT NOW.

It all started last week, when he activated his Goldman Sachs/Warmongering Generals that he knew (if given a chance) would take the first opportunity to concoct a false flag against Syria. To their shock (and everyone else’s) Trump appeared to fall for it (kind of). He allowed a military response, but not without giving Russia a warning first, to minimize casualties. He also made sure that the President of China had a front row seat to the theatre, and this part was CRITICAL (I will explain later).

Trump knows his base. He knew we would feel betrayed by his military response to Syria. This went totally against everything he stood for. This is how we were supposed to react. He knew that we would come around once we figured out what he was up to. He also knew it would be helpful (although a bit Machiavellian) if those that opposed him believed they were being successful in their attempts to separate him from his base. There is an old saying, “To catch a fox, you need a fox”.

Trump let tensions rise for a few days, before he came out and said, he would not be taking further action in Syria. I am sure his Neocon Warmongers were disappointed. They didn’t seem to complain too much though, because there were other war drums beating…North Korea.

But before we go to N. Korea, lets sew up Russia/Syria: Russia has been treated  unfairly. They are backing Assad, and being blamed for chemical attacks that they had nothing to do with. They are asking for an investigation. They want proof, because they know they are being falsely accused of both the chemical weapons and hacking into US elections. But there is another problem, and that is their alliances with China and Iran. Because of these relationships, they have extra leverage against the US. This is the real threat, and I believe this is the reason why the US tends to make up phony crap about Russia. Russia has had to make these alliances in the past, because (for whatever reason), every American administration since Reagan has had it in for Russia. I believe the reason is spiritual. Satan owned Russia under Communism, and Russia somehow broke free. Satan (and his minions) are pissed about it. Every U.S. administration since Reagan has been Luciferian. Russia has had to make powerful alliances with the enemies of America to survive. But now, America has a leader that does not want to destroy Russia.

I believe that President Trump accomplished many things during his visit with the Chinese President. I believe he managed to convince China to lift their hand of protection off of Russia, with economic enticements. He also dangled Ivanka in front of them. A little tacky, but that is the Chinese way.  I think Trump understands the Chinese mind. I think he knows what they care about. They way I see it, the Chinese will do business with anybody. They have no loyalties to anyone except China. All they care about is money. They respect strength and cunning…and sexy white women. 

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is Jared and Ivanka’s true purpose in the White House. I believe they are there right now for their Chinese influence. China is obsessed with Ivanka Trump. Trump knows this. Right now, China is key to everything Trump is working on. As for Jared: He may be there on behalf of Israel to keep an eye on Trump, but remember this is a two-way street. It also allows Trump to keep an eye on Israel.  It will be interesting to see if Ivanka and Jared remain in the White House after the first year of Trump’s Presidency. At first, I was worried about their influence on the President. I am no longer worried.

Within days of President Trump’s meeting with the Chinese President, Putin’s tone was very different with Trump. He seemed tamed. The good news is: Trump does not want to hurt or conquer Russia. In fact, he will need Russia, when it comes time to deal with Iran.

As for Syria, I am not completely sure how that will end up. It is possible that Assad will be replaced. I do know that Russia and Trump want the radical Muslims gone. I also know that Trump meant it when he said he wanted “safe zones” for Christians. Time will tell.

North Korea: This is the really good part. Trump made a deal with China. We are hearing Trump say: “China isn’t a currency manipulator.” Think of words as “currency”.  Honor is a big deal for China. He is stroking their panda fur, ok?

We hear of China sending 150,000 troops to the border of China and N. Korea. The main purpose of this is to keep the N. Korean refugees from spilling in to China. Remember, they were there a couple of days ago, BEFORE Trump sent out our “Armada” of ships. How did those Chinese troops know we were coming? Because Trump and the Chinese President have this whole thing worked out. The first thing that happened after the Mar a lago meeting was that China ordered cargo ships full of N. Korean coal back to N. Korea. Then they said,  “From now on, we buy US Coal.”

By Easter Weekend: US ships were poised near Korea. Poor Kim Jun Un had his Birthday Party and did his missile test, but sadly, it was a dud.

President Trump does not want a bloody war. He wants China to deal with Mr. Chubby. A small kerfuffle could possibly occur. Something to make China say,” Hey US! You get out of here! We don’t want you here! This is our territory! China will take care of Kim Jon Un. China will take N. Korea.

What President Trump does NOT want to happen is for his WARMONGERING NEOCONS to commit a false flag and start a nuclear war. During the weekend of heightened tensions, President Trump ensured his neocons wouldn’t take matters into their own hands: He sent their fair prince to the battlefield to ensure they would behave themselves. Mike Pence went over there Easter weekend. You see, Mike Pence is the Neocon hope. Should President Trump accidentally be assassinated, he will be POTUS. This move proves that Trump is on to their scheme. CHECKMATE!

Should China deal with N. Korea, the outside optics will be: China maintains their honor/bravado. China “wins” Korean war. Truth: Kim Jun Un will be taken out, it doesn’t cost any U.S. lives, we won’t have to go to war, N. Korea will be liberated to China (China is better for N. Korean people than their current situation). What do we get out of it? Who knows what Trump has negotiated? One can only imagine. I wonder if he got China to forgive our debt in exchange for N. Korea? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Or maybe favorable trade deals. It is already clear that China has stopped manipulating their currency. Good going Trump!

I do not think the Neocons have fully realized what Trump has pulled off. They are  thinking they are going to have a bloody war (which they are not). When the dust settles, boy are they going to be pissed off.

This article 4/12/17 explains it really well.

Economic Diplomacy Continues – President Trump Softens Tone Toward China Currency Manipulation…

4/16/17 This article continues to spell it out:

President Trump Realigning Geo-Political Alliances, and Few Paying Attention…

When this is finished…Iran will be next. Trump will have Russia, and China with him when he goes after them.

4/19/17 The First hints of Iran narrative begin:

A Very Deliberate and Structured Secretary Rex Tillerson Discusses Iran…

You Can’t Stump The Trump.



  1. Excellent! Trump is using their very own method of “never let a crisis go by without using it as an opportunity” and making a few of his own. Meanwhile, the swamp is not sure what to scream out so they screech at everything and throw their entire bag of bluster bust against the wall. Every bribe and every trick is being thrown… Trump is not going to let them do any political harm to his true circle – watch for a few heads to roll gently across the white house lawn like easter eggs. Very soon.


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