Erik Prince SMEARED by the Left to Cover Pedophile Scandal!

*The Left is getting desperate. Today they decided to “unmask” another surveillance nugget in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from their misdeeds. Today, they are accusing Black Water founder of inappropriate collusion on behalf of Russia and President Elect Trump. One has to ask: If this horrific act on Mr. Prince’s part was indeed so treasonous, why is it being brought out now? Were his actions in fact “illegal”? Or was the true crime, the fact that he was being spied on, and that his name is now being unmasked through a press leak, for political purposes?

*See the smear right here:

Or maybe, there is a much more sinister, and sickening reason.

One week before the election, Erik Prince gave an interview. In which, he discussed what was found on Anthony Wiener’s laptop. Specifically regarding child pornography, and some very sickening information involving what he said would “bring down 1/3 of the United States Congress.”  He said that the NYPD was so sickened and outraged by what they saw, that they were ready to  hold a press conference immediately. That is until the FBI confiscated the information. Within two days, Director Comey came out publically and said, “Nothing to see here folks”.

The original Breitbart interview is here:

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