Experiencing Cognitive Dissonance Regarding Healthcare Bill

I believe this is by design. America and Congress do not have the patience or intellect to understand what it is going to take to unravel the mess that Obama has made, without unraveling the country. Like everything else, we want it NOW! Don’t confuse me with facts, give me what I want NOW!

Reminds me of the story in the Bible (Exodus 16) when the Israelites were in the wilderness, and they were sick and tired of manna. They wanted meat. They complained. They wanted it NOW! They were ungrateful for God’s merciful provision and care for them. How quickly they had forgotten their miraculous rescue out of the hands of the Egyptians.

God gave them what they wanted. Quail rained down from heaven, and they gorged themselves upon it. So much so, they sickened themselves. The Bible says they ate so much it was coming out of their noses. These were a sick and ungrateful group of spoiled people. They paid for it.

Lets take the time to understand what President Trump is trying to do:

Healthcare Vote? – Remember, It Wasn’t Republicans That Elected President Trump…


It looks like it’s going to be quail…and 40 years in the wilderness.

My Final Thoughts on The Failed Healthcare Reform…

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