Trump & Nunes Have had the Surveillance Evidence since Tuesday (3/14). *Update added 3/23/17


*As mentioned above, Trump has had the surveillance evidence since Tuesday (3/14), and it is bad. The evidence was given to President Trump and Devin Nunes.

The Case Against FBI Director Comey Grows – Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes Explains Need for White House SCIF Visit…

It will be interesting to see where they go with this as they interview Comey.

*The scope of it is incredible. Jerome Corsi presented President Trump with the information on Tuesday, and then broke the story on Infowars Sunday night.

*But wait… there’s more!

Freedom Watch Notifies Congress of “Deep State” Intelligence Whistle-Blower – full pdf…

It will be interesting to see how MSM tries to cover this up. The surveillance has been going on for ten years. It has been occurring in all of his properties. They have also surveiled everyone he has  come in contact with. That’s right, EVERYONE. We are talking thousands of people. They have the lists of the names and phone numbers. This is going to get crazy.

*Something about this reminded me of an old article from Reuters. I think it is appropriate to add it here:


*Incredible Interview: Mike Zurillo (start at 9 minute mark)- Something weird here. He mentions the names and phone numbers, ok. But then he mentions the bank accounts, and says they are fraudulent. He suggests that they don’t belong to the people, but that they are planted (umbrage, Vault 7?). No more info is given. Why do I feel like this is going to go someplace very deep? Whole interview is worth watching!

* Article from 3/20/17 Forensic Timeline by Larry Klayman added:

     In short, this means the government makes stuff up about you (remember “Umbrage” from Vault 7?) and then  frames you for any crime they want to. This is Soviet style criminality. If the USSR can break free from the Soviets so can America. WE MUST DO IT!

*Update 3/20/17 9.45 pm. At the hearing today, there was a gem that many people missed. Please take the time to view. It could blow the case wide open if people pick up on what actually happened.

 Nunes to hold Sessions Accountable?



  1. This tapping thing… okay, it’s not quite what you think.

    The NSA is getting EVERYONE’s EVERYTHING. The work of tapping involves identifying the target(s) and then pulling the data which has already been collected. That’s all there is to it.

    This fire that Trump has kicked up is to inform the public that this is an “always on wiretapping.”

    So for them to pull out a database on Trump is no surprise at all. They just need to run the query on the main database…. a database which is shared internationally with specific allies.

    We’ve been living under a shadow “one world” government for a very long time. It’s hard to get people to understand and accept the facts. But there have been news stories on the NSA and NSA whistle blowers for more than a decade. People need to connect these dots. Sure, there have been congressional hearings, but they lied and said “meta data only” and more. What’s more, NONE of the exposed programs have been shut down…. not ever.


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