*UPDATED 3/29/2017*Towergate! But… Does Trump Have Any Evidence?

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An incredible amount of information has come out in the last week, regarding the Deep State, and the depths they will go, to destroy President Trump. Here is the timeline, and how the evidence to set up President Trump as a Russian spy fits together. Please endure until the end if you can. It reads like a spy novel (not my writing, but the ridiculous lengths they will go to. You wouldn’t believe it if someone told you. That is why I had to include screenshots).

March 2, 2017

*Please check out this article from ZEROHEDGE. Apparently, On March 2,  James Comey had an intelligence briefing with Trey Gowdy. Gowdy said in this interview that Comey gave him copious amounts of information.

 On the following Saturday, Trump had his notorious tweet fest regarding Obama’s wire tapping Trump Tower. MSM spent the rest of the weekend virtue signaling, and claiming that President Trump had no proof. By Sunday,  MSM was saying that Comey himself was denying Trump’s claims. The interesting thing is that Comey NEVER came out in person and made a statement.  It was always an “unnamed source” claiming that Comey had said “this” or “that”.  Most likely fake news. Watch the video in the link of Trey Gowdy imbedded in this article. MSM is not reporting on this!


Saturday, March 4,2017


March 4-5, 2017

*MSM has an absolute mental breakdown over Trump’s tweets. Most were saying he had no proof. Some were saying if it was done, a warrant had to be obtained, which meant there had to be JUST cause. By late Sunday, it was discovered that a FISA warrant was applied for, but denied in June of 2016. Another was applied for in October of 2016 and granted. It was also discovered that during  the wire tap, no evidence of wrong doing was found, but they continued the tapping. No one in the intelligence community is taking responsibility for it.

*Another interesting news piece surfaced on Sunday night: This article explains that in June of 2016, a woman by the name of Emily McMullen (pictured with Evan McMullen in photograph below, relative?), changed the name of her web domain to “Trump Orgainzation (notice misspelling)”. This is an impersonator site, because she has no affiliation with Donald Trump.  It was this web domain that was presented for the FISA warrant on Trump. An imposter site. This article lays it all out.


Here are some screenshots from the article’s hot links, since these websites have a habit of disappearing:


Monday, March 6, 2017

*VAULT 7 Released:

WikiLeaks releases a treasure trove of CIA secret documents, relating to their spying/hacking techniques. One area referred to as “umbrage”, discusses how the CIA impersonates other country’s digital fingerprints, when hacking into a computer network. Allow me to give you an example: Lets just say the CIA wanted to make it appear like someone was having an inappropriate relationship with a country like Russia. They could hack into that computer network and impersonate Russia’s fingerprint while they were in there, making it look like the network was communicating with Russia (even though they were actually interfacing with the CIA impersonator). This would allow the CIA to implant false evidence against anyone and use it to act against them. They could also use it against another nation and use it as an excuse to start a war. Remember in her campaign, Hillary Clinton said that she considered “Russian Hacking” and “Act of War”. She was fully intending (if she had won), to go to war with Russia, and sacrifice all of the lives necessary, based most likely on evidence that was planted. Let that sink in.


October 2016

A warrant request is presented to the FISA court again, requesting a wire tap on the real Trump Organization.  The evidence given is suspicious activity which has occurred on the web domain Trump Orgainzation (fake) which has shown Russian Digital fingerprints. Trump Tower is then wire tapped.

October 31,2016

Hillary Tweets:


*Here are a few News clips of MSM Admitting the wiretap, that they are now denying:

*Was Hillary referencing the article below, in this tweet? Notice, the DNC hired CROWDSTRIKE to “investigate” Trump. They are the ones that created the entire “Russian” narrative about McMullen server (narrative contained no mention of McMullen of course). This story (created entirely by Crowdstrike), is what the Deep State is hinging all of their bets on (read above info if you want to read how they did it).


*March 10, 2017

*You are NEVER going to believe who the ONLY witness in the current house Intelligence inquiry for Trump’s involvement with the Russians is? None other than CROWD STRIKE!


March 11,2017

On March 5, I made an original post, that showed the screenshot of ICANN verification of the impersonator site:  Trump Orgainzation. The Admin. Contact was Emily McMullen.

Screenshot from last week:


A few days later, someone had gone in and changed Emily’s name to “The Trump”.


Updated From Last Week. Notice “McMullen” has been changed to “The Trump”. You can still look up ICANN today and it will now say “The Trump”.

*March 17, 2017:

New Video added. This contains some very good information that adds to the cover up:


*March 18, 2017:

Now We Have the Bank Connection:


*March 22,2017

Really? Tell me something I didn’t already know.


*March 29, 2017

*It Turns out CROWDSTIKE is full of crap: