**UPDATED 2/19/17** Vault 7: Information Collection

FBI ANON SPILLS THE BEANS: https://steemit.com/fbianon/@ausbitbank/fbi-anon-returns-to-4chan

*I Found this Blogger’s insight Helpful: 


**Updated** In true WikiLeaks fashion, we were presented with a mega-ton of raw data. We were given the intercepted pager data from 9/11 and 9/12 of 2001. I have gone through some of it. What I have found is the repeated pager messages stating that there were explosions heard in the towers before they collapsed. The other odd thing I noticed was the Pentagon narrative. In the beginning, it is reported that it was an explosion and a fire. It doesn’t change to a plane until much later.


*Video footage of cruise missile hitting Pentagon (note: this was not part of Vault 7 release):

*Reddit has been posting some interesting pedogate data files:

*Anonymous has hacked Dark web (Ashley Madison style) and is planning on releasing info on Pedos. Names, email address (many .govs). Also shows detailed “order” requests, pricing etc.. No pizza code here. No photos.


*WikiLeaks has sent out several cryptic tweets that have hinted at a major information release on February 10th. There has been much speculation as to what “VAULT 7” is referring to. Some think it will be the truth about 911. Others think it will be the 7th FBI vault release of documents on the Clintons.

*Here is the Link to the compilation of Wikileak tweets:


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*WikiLeaks Posted the Lyrics of this song today: (Feb 10, 2017)


*Bad Moon Rising : AnonScan


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